Zev Porat

Monday, October 28, 2013

Obama Caught LYING to Germany's Merkel! Scandal Grows!

Berlin -A German newspaper said Sunday that US President Barack Obama knew his intelligence service was eavesdropping on Chancellor Angela Merkel as long ago as 2010, contradicting reports he had told the German leader hid did not know.

Bild Am Sonntag said Obama in fact wanted more material on Merkel and ordered the National Security Agency (NSA) to compile a "comprehensive dossier" on her.

Germany received information this week that the NSA had bugged Merkel's cell phone prompting Berlin to summon the Ambassador.

Other German media have reported that Obama apologized to Merkel when she called him on Wednesday and told her he would have stopped the bugging had he known about it.

But Bild Am Sonntag, citing a "US intelligence worker involved in the NSA operation against Merkel"said NSA chief Keith Alexander informed Obama in person about it in 2010. 

(source: The Ottawa Sun)

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