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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The House Does NOT Have to Fund Obamacare!


In March 2010, Nancy Pelosi (the minority leader of the US House of Representatives) said she wanted the Senate to pass Obamacare so "we can see what is in it."  What a stupid statement.  However, the Senate obeyed and passed Obamacare without reading it.  What a stupid Senate.  That means the House has every right not to fund it, if the House does not like it. 
Now that the House Republicans know what is in Obamacare, the House Republicans do not like it.  However, backwards Pelosi and the lazy Senate now claim that since the Senate blindly passed Obamacare and the Supreme Court illegally declared Obamacare legal, that now the House has to fund it and approve the taxations found therein.
How utterly stupid is all of that backwards logic? Obama seems to have brought out the stupid in the Democrats.
The Supreme Court determined Obamacare is legal in spite of the fact that the "taxation" part of Obamacare is in violation of the Constitution.  In this, the Supreme Court defied the Constitution. Shame on them! When the Constitution gets in their way, they simply by-passed it. America is in deep, deep trouble. However, as tragic as this fact is, I digress from the major intent of this article.
The House does not want to approve any part of Obamacare, including the unconstitutional taxation of Americans.   Still, the Congressional Democrats and our want-to-be Grand Dictator demand the House has to approve Obamacare because the Senate passed it and the Supreme Court declared it legal, even though the House has the constitutional right not to fund it.
The Constitution, not the Republicans, is what stands in the way of Democrats and our disgusting leader.   
There have been 17 changes to Obamacare since the Senate rubber stamped it and the Supreme Court said it was legal.  That means what was passed by the Senate and declared by the Supreme Court to be legal no longer exists. 
For example, if you buy a car and go to pick it up there are 17 changes to the car you agreed to buy, the sales contact is null and void.  If you buy a house and the owner makes 17 changes to the contract before you make your down payment, you are not legally obligated to purchase.  If someone gives you a book to read and says, "after you read it, you can pay me if you like it" then you do not have to pay for it if you did not like it.  Pelosi said pass Obamacare in order to  to see what was in it.  Now that the House has been able to see what is in it, they don't like it.  They do not have to fund it!  Got it?  The House of Representatives has the constitutional obligation not to fund it if they feel Obamacare is detrimental to America and the constitutional right to say "no!"  
The House of Representatives is not Chicago. Strong-arm tactics of intimidation may have worked for Obama in Chicago, but they are not as effective from the White House with the world watching.  The world hates a bully and his minions. There is not one redeeming trait in Obama or the Democratic Congress.  They are evil and anti-American to the core.  Enough is enough.  We demand some relief from the non-stop Gestapo tactics of Obama and the Democratic Party. Chicago may quietly submit to mafia-style government.  It is harder to bully the entire United States with mafia tactics, as Democrats are finding out.  Pray that Obama and his followers find their bully-tactics impossible to enforce long term.  Do more than pray.  
There are two forces that can combine to stop Obama.  The first are the patriots of America who are willing to die for America.  The second are former Obama supporters who are willing to stand up and voice their strong opposition to Obama.  A good motto for our conglomerate of fed-up with Obama Americans is, "Enough is Enough."  These two forces form a 60 to 70% majority.  In a democratic-republic there is power in the vocal and active majority.  I say again, "Pray.  Do more than pray." 

Obama and the Democrats stopped calling Obamacare by that nick-name, a name they were once very proud of, the second Ted Cruz stopped his marathon speech.  They no longer want to be directly identified with Obamacare.  Why should we live under Obamacare if the promoters of it are ashamed of it?  Think, America.  Think.

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
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