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Saturday, October 12, 2013

There is no cure for stupid! GOP Gives In to Obama - demonic forces at work towards the destruction of America

Yesterday, the GOP decided not to continue the fight against Obamacare.  It is early (2am on 10/12/13) and we are yet unsure what concessions Obama and the Democrats made in the deal, if any.

What drove the GOP to give in?  Everyone knows that fighting the main stream media (who are "in the tank" for Obama), the Democrats that are for Obama because he is a socialist, illegal aliens with both voice and vote, the racist who are going to support Obama because he is black and a host of other obstacles mentioned many times by me and many others combine to create a significant force.

Lie after lie continued to be presented by the main stream media, from the mouth of Obama and the Democrats.  Lies such as the government was shut down when 83% of the government was operational, that we are on the verge of default when not raising the debt limit would not cause a default but cause the Congress to have to decide what promises of future funds would be honored and what promised future funds would not be forthcoming.  Lies such as "raising the debt limit will not raise our debt."   Such lies clouded the judgement of the lower informed and fed the great lie that the Republican's actions lacked wisdom.  The GOP lost the media war. 

Obama had no real reason to compromise because his dream is the financial destruction of America.  He has already done enough harm to America, that baring a miracle, his dream will come true.  Obamacare will hasten his dream, but is only one part of his plan.  

It is amazing that Americans, now knowing that Obamacare is extremely expensive and will place horrific financial strain on families and our entire society did not get behind the GOP.  However, as is often said because it is true -- "There is no cure for stupid."  Added to this is the obvious demonic forces at work towards the destruction of America.  

Obama showed just what a petty man he is during these last few days.  It seems those that love him are no different or they would be offended at such childishness as any mature, responsible and moral person should be. 

Those who can add and subtract know that Obamacare will devastate our economy.  The patriots in the GOP wanted to keep that from happening and we did our best.  However, in a representative-republic the majority has power.  It seems the majority want Obama, Obamacare, Obama-lies, childishness in the Office of the President, high medical costs and socialism.  At least, the House of Representatives' move in that direction was, supposedly, on behalf of the majority of those they represent. 

Hopefully, we can save the Republic from the inevitable Obama-destruction in the future. Time will tell.  Obamacare cannot succeed without horrendous taxes at every level (personal and corporate).  Maybe enough people will wake up before it is too late. We shall see.

I am sure the Republicans that "gave in" did so in the hopes of winning 2014 and 2016 elections. I hope we do. However, I am not embolden to vote for people who give up.  Maybe losing this battle will help us win the war. Who knows?   I think the greatest hope for America will come when it becomes more and more apparent that Obamacare is a Trojan horse for the economic downfall of everyone and everything, except for the socialistic ruling class.  

In all of this the Lord is still on his Throne. America has faced many obstacles and we have been, many times, delivered by the hand of God. In Him, we continue to place our hope. Let us pray that we have not so offended God that he is "finished" with America.  The Bible tells us that God uses evil for the good of those faithful to Him.  It could be that Obama and the Democrats have a place in God's plan that we cannot see at this time. 

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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