Zev Porat

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Congress Should Impeach Obama

Everyone knows that there are not enough good people in the Senate to impeach Obama.  However, not impeaching Obama through the Congress makes it look like the Congress is complicit with Obama.

Everyone knows Obama has committed more than an half-dozen impeachable acts. 
If for no other reason, Obama Congress should impeached Obama because he has announced that he has the power to declare war with any country any time he wants without the approval of Congress!  We have a real "loose cannon" with his finger on the red button.  That makes me nervous.  That makes me angry. 
Congress should stand up and speak up. Get Obama's impeachable acts on Congressional record.   Tell the world you are not in agreement with his actions.
Do something about this, Congress!  The fact that the Senate will not follow through is not a good enough reason for a "do-nothing" Congress regarding Impeachment.  Do your part.  The longer you wait the more embolden Obama becomes, the weaker Congress gets, the more guilty Congress looks and more good Americans are shamed.  If you do not hold him accountable, who will?

 joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

I make no claim that my opinions reflect the opinions of anyone else. 


  1. How come nobody wanted to impeach Bush when he started two wars. The president is going out of his way to not have us get engaged in Syria. I think we need to find a way to get rid of Congress and start over.

    Thank You,

    Jeff Collins

    1. Jeff, the issue is not that he starts wars. it is that he is trying to do so, (until he was called out on it) to do so without congressional approval, as far as Syria is concerned. Libya, that is in fact unconstitutional due to the fact that there was no congressional approval.
      You said the president was going out of his way to stay out of Syria, how do you back that claim up other than the fact that we are not there? He got told no, by congress, who, by the U.S. Constitution, has sole authority to declare war.
      He needs impeached for numerous offenses.
      He need imprisoned for treason. The giving of arms to the rebels in Syria, which are Al Queda is treason, because they are an enemy of the U.S.A. that is the law. and I add my opinion that the fast and furious issue, as well as the Benghazi issue are both also treason.