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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


by Rev. Joda Collins


I propose an experiment.  I propose two prayers to God.  The first prayer will take some thought, a little introspection and some imagination.  Imagine that you get to keep every positive thing (blessing) in your life that you can name and provide a reason it is blessing and that you will lose every blessing in your life that you do not name and provide a reason the item or person is a blessing.
For example, one blessing might be your vehicle and one reason the vehicle is a blessing is because it transports you to and from your place of work. Pretty simple, actually. Think of a blessing and state one reason why that thing or person is a blessing to you.  Then, you get to keep that blessing.
However, in your pretending, remember -- if you do not state the blessing and do not list at least one reason why the person, concept or thing is blessing, then beginning today and lasting the rest of your life, you forfeit that blessing.  Feel free to make a written list of blessings before going to prayer. You do not want to forget anything and lose it.
Once you have your list, begin your prayer thanking God for your blessings one at a time and stating at least one reason why each item or person named is a blessing.  Pretend you get to keep that blessing.  Remember, if you forget to give thanks or do not list one or more reasons why the blessing is a blessing, then you lose the blessing. 
Time your prayer to see how long it lasts. This will be one of the longest prayers of your life.
Then make a list of all of your needs.  Take that list to God in prayer. Tell God your need and tell him one reason why it is a need.  For example, you may need a heavy coat for the winter.  You can list the need and tell God you need the coat because you are cold.
Time this prayer and see how long it lasts.  This will be one of the shortest prayers of your life. 
After rising from these two prayers, your heart will be filled with thanksgiving and praise because God is good, gracious, kind and generous. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
 joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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