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Monday, November 25, 2013

Is Canada against Iran Deal because of its Addiction to Mid-east Tensions Which Keep the Price of Oil High? Time for Canada to Clean up her OWN Blood-stained House

by Mike Shoesmith

On the Federal Level, Canada has a (pay close attention to the spelling) "cOnservative" government. The small 'c' reflects the liberal nature of the party regarding 3rd-rail social issues like abortion and 'gay' marriage. The big 'O' is a reflection of Canada's need for the price of oil to remain steadily high in order to subsidize its liberalism which is defined, in the dictionary mind you, as an 'unrestricted' lifestyle. This is only possible when there is enough money floating around the rationed health system to pay for the medical care needed to keep all the self-destructive liberals alive.

Defending Israel is a fine way of appearing like a "Judeo Christian compassionate conservative" while keeping tensions in the region on perpetual high-alert thereby keeping the price of oil on the world stage inflated and well, you get the picture. Long story short: Canada has a LOT of oil for which it needs to a LOT of money because it is very expensive to get it out of the ground. Oil companies pay taxes and taxes cover the governments expenses.Without the oil sands of Alberta Canada's liberal way of life would collapse under the weight of its own government-funded medical expenses and true conservatism would once again rule the land because, alas, the facts of life really are conservative.

Israel's Prime Minister is aggressively outspoken about any deal with Iran since they are not to be trusted. This seems to be the logical point of view from their perspective since as recently as last week the Iranian spiritual leader came out once again and said the Israelis are not human beings. Israel's concern is valid.

Canada on the other hand appears to be quite the little hypocrites on this one. After all, they have exactly the type of power generation setup as Iran is requesting. Canada uses nuclear power generation stations without any nuclear weapons. It makes sense therefore to at least monitor Iran's use of nuclear power and verify its limited scope rather than pulling the trigger on yet another war and/or watching a country full of hapless victims starve to death. It makes sense to at least try to settle this issue.

Until the Harper government begins taking conservatism a little more seriously by, at the very least putting an end to Canada's utter lack of concern for the most helpless human beings on earth - the unborn child - 30% of which Canadian women abort every year then it is very difficult to take their intentions on Iran seriously. This is especially true when we consider what followed after the Iran deal was announced.

Bloomberg - "The Canadian Dollar dropped to its lowest level in four months as the price of oil, Canada’s biggest export, fell after Iran and world powers reached an interim deal to set limits on its nuclear program."

“There’s a longer-term view being built in there that this is going to turn open the spigot for Iranian crude oil production which would obviously impact crude oil prices negatively,” said Mark Frey, chief market strategist at Cambridge Mercantile Group, a global foreign exchange and payments provider, by phone from Victoria. “In the short term, yeah I think oil is going to trade heavy, and I think it’s going to hurt the commodity currencies and I think you’re going to see that in the Canadian dollar.”

Canada vowed to keep its sanctions regime against Iran after a preliminary deal on the Islamic republic's nuclear program, calling for a more conclusive accord.

Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program for the next six months in exchange for limited sanctions relief, in a preliminary accord meant to lay the foundations for a comprehensive agreement.

The deal was reached in marathon talks in Geneva that ended before dawn after protracted negotiations between Iran and the so called P5+1 group of United Nations Security Council permanent members plus Germany.

But Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird insisted that Ottawa would keep its "tough" sanctions "in full force" until negotiators clinch a permanent agreement.

So then, if these world leaders are able to strike a deal with Iran and get them to use nuclear power to light up the streets and not light up Israel then more power to them I say. We all know that at the end of the day the whole region will continue to try forcing Israel out. But Iran has come to the table looking for active participation in the world community. And they are asking for no more or less than Canada herself already possesses. A whole lot of oil, some place to sell it, and a clean alternative for providing electrical power to their people. It is the responsibility of world leaders to welcome their offer, confirm their intentions, and proceed accordingly.

Iran (Persia) is a sovereign land with a much longer history than either Canada or the US. They do not have to answer to anyone. Yet here they are, with a new leader and a new voice. Canada should listen and stop using Israel as their shield. God will look after Israel. Time for Canada to clean up her own blood-stained house.

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