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Saturday, December 28, 2013

An Open Letter to Josh Barro of Business Insider on Phil Robertson

Greetings Josh

I was blessed to read your article on why Phil Robertson, the Bible, the Christians et al are wrong about "Gays." It blessed me because it confirmed a few things for me about my personal beliefs.

First, it saddens me that you have been subjected to hate from those who claim to be believers in Jesus. After all, we are commanded to love. I suppose it can be argued that when a person approaches you with concern that your lifestyle is harmful both to you and those with whom you interact (see MSM page at the CDC) you may (wrongfully) view that concern as hateful but I also sense that you have also been subjected to genuine hate from those who see your actions as "icky."

My uncle died of AIDS 25 years ago. He was the kindest man I knew and perhaps will ever know. Since I am intimately familiar with the behind-the-scenes stuff and also was an atheist (like you) for the 1st 27 years of my life I can honestly say - I get it.


Your article actually strengthens the Bible's case against the lifestyle "island" on which you happily reside. You are an atheist. Not only that but you make the bold assertion that "there is no God." This is a logical fallacy on the most epic of scales. Simply because you have never been satisfied with the evidence put forward to you. This is referred to as the converse fallacy of accident. There are, in fact, mountains of evidence for the existence of God. Billions of people are witnesses to this fact. Anecdotal evidence is real evidence Josh, whether you like it or not.

Also - you wrote: "Christians use fear and loathing of gays as an anti-sin tool, gays and lesbians become collateral damage. Sometimes they're driven to suicide. That doesn't seem very loving to me."

You are correct. And the same can be said for militant homosexuals who refer to women as mere "breeders" and threaten us with anal rape... and that's not the worst of it.

So - the hate comes in from both camps. But at the end of the day what we're really talking about here is hate. Love however, can have a terrible sting associated with it. In Latin it's called "Primum Succerrere." This phrase means "Hasten to Help." Much like a child who wanders out into the street and gets violently thrust back onto the grass by a parent. Sure, the child is bruised and perhaps wounded emotionally but alas, the life is saved. 

So, if we may reach into your island with love and say yes, there is a God who is capable of loving you as a father should and show you what it means to be a real man in full control of his body parts as they were intended. He will help you end the cycle of depravity and disease which has been permitted to ravage such enormous numbers of men and which even the Center for Disease Control confirms is responsible for so much death and societal decay.

And thank you Josh, for confirming what we have known all along. It really is all about a father's love.

Mike Shoesmith

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