Zev Porat

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time Magazine Puts Two Red Horns over Pope`s Head on Cover!

I know... right?

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  1. Chrsitianity is under attack ! I am not Roman Catholic , so do have some dotctrinal diifferences with some of the tenants of their faith. Debate and discourse about these diffreences are part of our Freedoms, but this is very sad to do this to any leader of any Christian sect who professes Christian faith and so far, I have not heard or read anything that indicates this Pope is 'against' Christ at all..
    The main media is not covering the on going horrendous massacres and murders of Christians of all sects of the faith especially in Africa and the Middle East. Another sign of the end times as prophecized?
    The Times would be giving a greater service to cover the massacres and not publish nthat woudld'fuel the flames of atoricities?" for some who want to be against Christ. Not to say , a dialogue about hs personal preachings is not a valid Fredeom of Speech right and would in itself be what a responsible news media source should always be doing. Linda Joy Adams