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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


by Rev. Joda Collins

On November 26, I posted an article entitled, "Obama's Dream of an Islamic America." You can read that article at

I promised within two weeks I would post an article detailing what every American can do to help stop Obama. 

1.  The people of God can "get right" with God.  

Human history is replete with examples of God turning his back on nations when the people, called by His name, become cold and complacent towards Him.  There is no doubt in the mind of any sane Christian that the constant barrage of evil that comes from the White House far exceeds the evil that one man or even a company of men could produce.  Scripture notifies us that we are at war with spiritual entities; wickedness in high places.  The devil has been plotting for a long, long time.  However, he needs a tool to do his work. Once a tool is in place and is attentive to his voice, the onslaught of evil can be swift and endless. We are experiencing that now.  

For this onslaught of evil to end, it will take God confronting Satan on behalf of the people of God. In order for that to happen, the people of God have to be in a right relationship with God. 

Second Chronicles 7:14 tells us that the healing of our land is in the hands of God's people. 

2.  Do not be silent about Presidential abuses and the terrorism towards Americans that come from the Oval Office.

Scripture tells us not to speak evil of dignitaries.  However, we are not commanded to be silent about the evil of evil dignitaries.  Rebellion against dignified authority is not the same thing as rebellion against the evil of dignitaries.  Speak up loudly. 

3.  Become active in the 2014 election right now.  Support every Republican you can find. 

The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.  Don't fool yourself into thinking that supporting a third party is wise. Third party candidates only increase the chances of Democratic victory. Someday we will have a viable third party.  There is no such day in 2014.  Now is not the time to take a stand against Republicans because they are not all you want them to be. 

4.  Listen to conservative talk radio as much as you can.

Unless you have many hours each day to keep up with the emerging evil that slithers from Obama's deprivation daily, his constant attacks can be overwhelming.  The devil wants you to be overwhelmed so you will become stagnant.  Remember these keys. Obama is a Muslim, a socialist, evil and anti-American.  He is strongly empowered by demonic forces 24/7, 365 days a year.  
Everything he does is against Christianity and pro-Islam,  against capitalism and pro-socialism, evil and against the Constitution of the United States of America. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090419060227AA4TUJp.   To understand Obama you have to understand Christianity, capitalism, morality and the Constitution.  That's it!  Your priority is not to study evil to learn about evil. Study what is right so when evil appears you can see it for what it is in the light of what is right.  Once you know what is right, then look at the components of evil more carefully. Study Islam and socialism in the light of an educated and aware mind. 

Conservative talk show hosts spend their entire lives, these days, in the study of Obama and his policies compared to right.  They will clarify and summarize the most important points for you in ways that make sense to logical thinkers.  Think through their positions, however.  Be self-sufficient.  Becoming educated by listening to those who know more is the very basis of education.   

Between the wisdom of educated conservative talk show professionals and your growing knowledge of Christianity (the Bible), capitalism, morality (the knowledge of right and wrong) and the Constitution, you will be surprised at the awareness you will soon muster about world events.

5. Do not swallow the theory that a little good is worth a lot of bad.  

Killing babies to curb population control, government confiscation of your guns to lessen the chances of you shooting yourself, and destroying the most successful financial method (free-market capitalism) the world has ever known, so a few poor people can get money the government has confiscated from the rich and such things, are all unwise. Nothing is perfect.  To destroy things that are 95% perfect to replace them with things that correct the 5% wrong and are then 95% wrong is downright stupid.  
The devil is pretty good at pointing out that every action has an up side.  For example, if I killed you today, you would never have to worry about getting sick.  Since no one wants to be sick, including you, then killing you would be doing you a favor.  Get it?  Demon-logic. Obama is full if it.  Don't fall for it; think through what he says in the light of his goals, Islam, socialism, the promotion of evil and the destruction of the Constitution. 

6.  Do not think that without your voice and involvement, everything will work out right.

Things will not work out "right" without your involvement.  Your voice and action are mandatory.  More than 50% of voters, voted for Obama.  The majority of Americans do not vote. It is not possible to adhere to the platform of the Democrat Party and be right with God at the same time.    I suspect that fifty percent of America is demonically-influenced. The tipping point may be you.  Find one great thing in Scripture that did not begin with one dedicated person.  It can't be found.  You are either that person or part of the army of people who will unite behind that person to make the difference.   You cannot do everything, but you can do something.  We are responsible to do what we can do.  If everyone does what they can do, that is enough to bring success.  Be a hero not a zero.  No excuses.  Just do it!
joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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