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Thursday, January 16, 2014

According to Plan! Senior UK Defense Advisor says "Obama has crippled America’s position in the world"

By Mike Shoesmith

It's not like we haven't been warning everyone about this for the last five-plus years. Barack Obama has a very specific agenda. It's not complicated. And now one of Britain’s most senior military advisors is confirming it: Obama has "crippled America’s position in the world."

Via The Daily Beast:
President Obama is “chronically incapable” of military strategy and falls far short of his predecessor George W. Bush, according to one of Britain’s most senior military advisors.
Sir Hew Strachan, an advisor to the Chief of the Defense Staff, told The Daily Beast that the United States and Britain were guilty of total strategic failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama’s attempts to intervene on behalf of the Syrian rebels “has left them in a far worse position than they were before.”
The extraordinary critique by a leading advisor to the United States’ closest military ally comes days after Obama was undermined by the former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who questioned the President’s foreign policy decisions and claimed he was deeply suspicious of the military.
We reported early-on that this man, who's real identity is still unknown to the masses, will be a destroyer - one who ushers in desolation. The military advisor in the Daily Beast article is not seeing the entire picture. He sees an incompetent boob, yet, Barack Obama is acting exactly according to the script.
desolation (ˌdɛsəˈleɪʃən) —n: 1. the act of desolating or the state of being desolated; ruin or devastation: 2. solitary misery; wretchedness
 Many readers will make an (obvious) Antichrist connection here, and that is also very interesting, however we only need to look at actual intelligence regarding outside powers who desired to plant a man in the White House to see that even without the biblical references it seems a plan has been in the works for many years for the destruction of America... from within.

Below is a video report we published nearly 3 years ago which should open everyone's eyes to the truth about the man in the White House.

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