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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza Indictment Designed to Assist Obama's Fake Birth Narrative Says Analyst

By Chris Farrell

Are we to believe that the Master Media Manipulation Machine of the 'Manchurian' Muslim from Mombasa's illegitimate administration would launch an attack through the IRS at filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza right before the release of his follow-up documentary to his film '2016' knowing that such an attack would greatly increase attendance at his new movie in theaters across America?

No way--No how! Unless of course...

The most significant message communicated by D'Souza in his documentary '2016' was that the Hawaiian birth narrative, (actually narratives), was/were true. I sat in the theater thinking to myself, 'What kind of investigative documentary is this when the single most significant fact in the man's past--that of the circumstances and location of his birth--relating directly to whether or not the man is constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States, is not even brought up?'

D'Souza, while supposedly digging into the depths of Obama's past in order to document the background out of which the fraud's character, or lack thereof, developed, simply ignored the ongoing 'Birther' issue despite overwhelming evidence made public by Sheriff Joe's volunteer Cold Case Posse that the birth narrativeS provided by Obama as well as the documentation provided by his illegitimate White House administrations such as the electronic file posted on the official White House website as a purported true copy of an actual birth certificate document and a poorly forged Selective Service Registration Card were patently false--forgeries--lies.

There is no rational reason why D'Souza would have skimmed right past the most significant single question surrounding Barry Soetoro's past in the light of solid evidence made publicly available by the Cold Case Posse that the narrative which Obama was running with as well as the documentation being put forth by Obama's illegitimate White House administration defending said narrative was erroneous and clearly manufactured.

Think about it: Nothing else conveyed in D'Souza's documentary actually threatened Obama.

Sure, Liberal pundits may not like the documenting that D'Souza did about Obama's purported 'Baby Daddy's' Marxist worldview, or any observations made by D'Souza that did not illuminate their 'lord and savior Barack Obama,' to quote that idiot Jamie Foxx, but nothing in D'Souza's documentary actually threatened 'Bath House Barry' and it was all going to come out anyways.

Obama has demonstrated his Marxist inclinations and affinity towards all things Islamic on many occasions, cf "The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." But the eligibility issue has always loomed over Obama's dirty turban like a terrible swift sword.

The criminal usurpation of the presidency by fraud and forgery is the one story that Obama's master media manipulators cannot manage the deflation of in the press If it ever breaks out into the mainstream media it would be as deadly to Obama's camp's conspiracy to contravene the Constitution and criminally usurp the office of the presidency as the plague.

Now that Sheriff Joe's volunteer Cold Case Posse is about to release the 'universe shattering' information on the usurper-in-chief, D'Souza is about to come out with another documentary that, although scathing in nonthreatening ways just as his first documentary was, will perpetuate the false narrative that Obama was born in Hawaii despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. That's all that Obama's camp wants! Everything else is already out there: How he was indoctrinated into Islam during his formative young years in Indonesia where he was subjected to the indoctrination program of a Muslim madras that masquerades as education, and his 'Baby Daddy's' Communist convictions, his association with the terrorist Bill Ayers, and even his brother Malik Obama's involvement as a financial officer for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt--it's all out there, but the mainstream, effectively state-run media simply don't want to bring any of it up as doing so would only soil the 'Manchurian' Muslim's dirty turban.


This is sophisticated messaging on the part of Obama's handlers. Even the Tea Party patriots across the country will be duped into thinking, 'Well, Dinesh D'Souza claims that Obama was born in Hawaii and he is a conservative investigative documentary filmmaker who would certainly not disseminate such information if it were not true."

Dinesh D'Souza's mission is simple: Feign a critical documentary with some actual investigative analysis and commentary but with an underlying deceptive message that regarding the forged birth certificates, Selective Service Registration Card, and all things relating to Obama's false birth narratives, purported constitutional eligibility to be president, and ongoing conspiracy to contravene the Constitution there is 'nothing here to see folks; move along.'

It is inexcusable in the extreme that Mr. D'Souza would ignore the fact that Obama's personal literary agent publicized Barry as having been born in what is now called Kenya for some 16 years before Obama campaigned in his first presidential election, and that that literary agent publicized their client, Barack or Barry, using the biographical information that their client, Obama, or Soetoro, or Soebarkah, provided them with himself just as they do with all their other clients.

And then we have the charges filed against D'Souza over..., what? ...a few thousand dollars in campaign contributions. Hah! Peanuts! It's the best thing in the world that could have happened to the documentary maker. The amount of money that his soon to be released follow-up documentary to '2016' will make will be greatly increased on account of the legal attack on D'Souza.

Nobody in the mainstream media is following up on the story of millions of dollars donated to the Obama campaign by overseas donors--probably the same Muslims who financed his education--all executed in fifty dollar increments on nameless credit cards like people buy at Walmart to purchase stuff online so as to remain below the minimum threshold at which the name of the donor would have to be reported to election officials, yet suddenly D'Souza's pocket change of political donations becomes a proverbial--well not so proverbial--federal case! Hah! This is pure theatrics! The filmmaker D'Souza has taken on a leading role in this not-so presidential production aimed at perpetuating Obama's ongoing conspiracy to contravene the Constitution.

D'Souza's staged persecution will promote his film like no advertising ever could,and further advance the false narrative that Obama was in fact--after all even Dinesh D'Souza says so--born in Hawaii. It's a win-win situation for D'Souza and Obama right before the Cold Case Posse delivers its 'universe shattering' information on Obama.

Obama's camp are master media manipulators. D'Souza's arrest and prosecution are a choreographed effort at promoting D'Souza's upcoming film which will surely reinforce the false message communicated in D'Souza's '2012' documentary that Obama was born in Hawaii and is constitutionally eligible to be president.

D'Souza's follow-up documentary is intended to do just that--follow-up on the mission of his first documentary--and has the ultimate objective of diminishing the impact of whatever the 'universe shattering' findings of the Cold Case Posse should happen to be.

The staged killing of Osama bin Laden was specifically timed to distract America from the then impending release of Dr. Jerome Corsi's book 'Where's The Birth Certificate?' and help Obama in the polls. Creating a diversion is apparently the first play turned to in the playbook of Obama's master media manipulators. That's what it's called in military terminology--creating a diversion, and make no mistake about it, we are at war.

We are engaged in a culture war and it is way past time for the Christian Conservatives who would pray and hope to restore our constitutional republic to the rule of law under the Constitution and to a reverential stance towards the Word of God, the Creator from whom all men are endowed with certain unalienable rights, the risen Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, to open their eyes to the sophisticated misdirection tactics employed by those who would strip 'We the People' of our God-given, Constitution recognized Liberty.

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