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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Analyst: Government Of The People Is Dead If Obama's Criminal Elections Are Not Retroactively Abrogated

Chris Farrell

"The congressman..." Rep. Stockman, "...claims he has been targeted by establishment Republicans and broke the news to WND on Jan. 31 that he was suing Cornyn’s Super PAC for libel." ('Grenade Tossed In G.O.P. Civil War.' wnd.com, Feb. 11, 2014. By Garth Kant.)
The elitist faction within the G.O.P. would never be so careless to make the accusations that they made about Stockman unless they had a plan in place. It is inconceivable that the Republican elitists would be so stupid as to lob such a softball at Stockman knowing that they would be handing him a legal judgement in his favor. What we are witnessing is political theater.
Stockman is being groomed by the elitist faction within the Republican Party as the real Tea Party's pick for 2016. He is being metaphorically costumed as a hero of the Tea Party and made to look as if he is under attack by the G.O.P.'s ruling establishment elitist faction so as to endear him with real Tea Party patriots.
If the Elitist Faction within the Republican Party can cover that base and make sure that the real Tea Party--not the elements within the Tea Party they have already successfully co-opted--picks a candidate who real Tea Party patriots believe stands in opposition to the Republican Party elitist factions Liberal-socialist agenda, but in reality is in their pocket, then they, the Republican elitist faction, will have preserved their monopoly on political power.
Stockman talked a lot about standing up with Sheriff Joe against the criminal usurpation of the presidency by an ineligible individual who achieved the criminal usurpation of the presidency by fraud and forgery, then Stockman did nothing--said nothing. He was literally feeling out Sheriff Joe's volunteer Cold Case Posse in an effort to glean just what it is that they have on the 'Manchurian' Muslim from Mombasa. 
Stockman has acted as a spy for the Elitist Faction within the Republican Party as well as the Elitist Faction within the Democrat Party because the addressing of Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah's criminal usurpation of the presidency threatens to unravel their complete control of political power in America. All he has done is try to find out as much as he could about Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse investigation promising to do something about the forged documents that Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah has proffered as purported evidence of his constitutional eligibility to be president and made promises. Promises..., promises..., promises! 
Now we are faced with more political Kabuki theater being staged in Texas. Stockman is the man that the elitist faction within the Republican Party is using to deceive the real Tea Party patriots into supporting when in reality he is their man.
This spat between Cronyn and Stockman is a staged false-flag fight taking place in order to position Stockman as a supposed defender of liberty.
Actions speak louder than words.
The Republican Party elitist faction undertakes sophisticated political deception regularly.
I attended a Tea Party group here in Louisiana: The Northshore Tea Party. The self-appointed leader of the group is Jeff Crouere--former head of the Louisiana Republican Party! What a coincidence!

Jeff Crouere: Former Executive Director of the Louisiana Republican Party. Radio talk-show host of 'Ringside Politics with a Punch.' WGSO--990 am, New Orleans.
The greatest fear of the Republican Party's elitist faction as well as their counterpart within the Democrat Party is that 'We the People' who have woken up and gathered together at Tea Party events across the country will actually elect a candidate who will not do their bidding--a candidate who will honor his or her oath to defend the Constitution.
If you are wondering whether your Tea Party has been infiltrated by G.O.P. operatives then just try and stand up and get a referendum on taking action against Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Soebarkah's, criminal usurpation of the presidency by fraud and forgery after the information is released NEXT MONTH by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's volunteer Cold Case Posse.
As you are being carried out of your Tea Party's meeting you might re-consider my assertions in this article.
The Republican Party elitist faction will attempt to construct other candidates for real Tea Party patriots to get behind in 2016. They will lob them softballs too in attempts at making their chosen players appear to be at odds with the establishment Elitist Faction--attempts at making real Tea Party patriots sympathetically side with their undercover operatives.
My fellow Americans, don't be fooled again!
And Stockman will come out loudly immediately after the commander of Sheriff Joe's volunteer Cold Case Posse, Lieutenant Mike Zullo, releases the findings of the CCP's investigation into the amateurishly forged documents that Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah has presented the American people as purported evidence of his constitutional eligibility to be president, claiming to have been supportive of the investigation all along. Stockman is preparing to play the role of hero to the 'Birthers' in order to derail any actual addressing of the most sinister crime ever committed against the American experiment in government of the people.
Stockman will try to take the point on the issue in the media because then the Republican Party elitist faction and the Democrat Party elitist faction--two wings of the same bird of prey--will have their man out front in position to manage the issue into obscurity.
The effort to get out in front of an issue and manage its demise is sophisticated mass media manipulation. The only organization more proficient at the practice than the Republican Party is the Democrat Party, and as long as they are able to jointly maintain their stranglehold on political power in the United States the Elitist Factions controlling both major political parties are more than happy to accommodate one another.
All that is needed by the Elitist Faction in order for it to maintain its monopoly on political power are candidates like Rep. Stockman who are willing to play ball. Cronyn's attacks on Stockman are nothing but a deceptive ruse--a staged double play for the entertainment of real patriots within the Tea Party in order to make them believe that Stockman is their man who will demand an investigation into the criminal usurpation of the presidency. 
Stockman is trying ever so hard to make Sheriff Joe Arpaio's volunteer Cold Case Posse to believe the same, but he has his marching orders and promises of higher office if he just continues to 'play ball' with the ruling elements within the Elitist Faction controlling BOTH major political parties in the United States of America.
The Elitist Faction in control of both major political parties in the United States must prevent the address of Obama's criminal usurpation of the presidency in order to preserve their control over America's political landscape.
It is no coincidence that the three front running potential candidates for the Republican ticket in 2016 were not long ago all constitutionally ineligible to be president. Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz were undeniably the three favorites. 
I suggest to you that it simply defies the science of Statistical Probability that from the field of potential candidates to be considered the Republican Party's top three hopefuls early on were ALL THREE CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE! Coincidence? I think not!
The best way of making sure that the next legally elected president of the United States does not sign an Executive Order for a congressional investigation to take place into the provenly forged documents that Mr. Obama has presented as purported evidence of his constitutional eligibility to be president is to make sure that the next "president" is as equally constitutionally ineligible as the 'Manchurian' Muslim from Mombasa himself!
And that is the crux of the matter for real Tea Party patriots: We must demand of any person we would support for Congress in 2014 or for the presidency and vice-presidency in 2016 that if elected to office they will demand an investigation into the provenly forged documents that the 'Empty Chair' has proffered as purported evidence of his constitutional eligibility to be president as well as into the broader conspiracy to contravene the Constitution that Mr. Obama's criminal usurpation of the presidency is representative of.
Once established as criminal, both of Mr. Obama's illegal elections must be RETROACTIVELY ABROGATED as having taken place while in the commission of unparalleled crimes against government of the people and the Constitution of the United States of America.


  1. My usurper for your usurper equals nullification. Republicans are 100% complicit and guilty of treason simply because of their silence. If one single member of congress had challenged his eligibility during the electoral college ratification this would be over. They run from their oaths with the lust of the guilty kid with a hand in the cookie jar. I'm not anonymous I'm NaturalBoredCitizen

  2. I am no investigator but does our Government not have checks and balances? Why does our government not have checks and balances over a person being eligible to run for President? We have an FBI, NSA, CIA that could find or already knows the truth. Why did Bush not do the checks on those biding for his job? I mean you go to apply for a job and they do a back ground checks and nothing for the President of the United States. I find that hard to swallow. So is it the Democrats and Republicans and the Tea party saves the day. I find it hard to believe that you can get anything straight if you have lost your moral compass. The Tea Party is just more men trying to fix what man cannot fix. if my understanding of the bible is correct we are not as man ever going to fix this nation because this nation is not the nation of GOD BLESS AMERICA any more we are the worst of the worst. The Tea Party believes in the constitution and wants to up hold its principles well that basically says WE THE PEOPLE and it cannot be right if it is WE THE PEOPLE because the bible says people are evil. SO the Tea Party agin is fighting the wrong fight. Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.
    Fight good fight! Save souls not nations. God Bless

  3. Hmmm... this gives me pause, actually leaves me speechless. Do you really think this Chris Farrell article is "factual"? I mean, could it be that Stockman has just been ultra-busy running his campaign? And also that not everyone in Congress is on board with 'outing' the usurper at this point, so would be useless for Stockman to bring it boldly before Congress practically on his own? Hmmmm... I am boled over by this article and revelation... don't quite know what to think yet.

  4. The Republicans and Democrats are all on the SAME team. They simply wear different colored uniforms.

    I am so glad I read this excellent article. I had no idea that Stockman turned out to be just another deceiver. I cannot even comprehend what lies beneath this whole sordid story of betrayal and treason, that would cause every politician in this land to keep their mouth shut about what has been done to us. I now know in my heart that this was a planned deception all along, and perpetrated by both political parties in tandem to once and for all destroy our country.

    I pray the Lord will reveal and lay bare for all to see what these wicked people have been planning in the blackness of night under secrecy. Lord, shine your light of truth on them and make all things evident and clear for our eyes to see. Remove their masks so that we can see them for what they really are...evil!

    1. I just don't believe the article... see Rebecca's post below... I tend to agree with her assessment completely. Someone is trying to smear Rep. Stockman with the voting so near... I believe Rep. Stockman is the 'real deal'. Don't know him, don't live in TX, but what I have learned about him over the past several months... I just can't believe the accusations in this article are true or factual. JMHO

  5. This sounds a bit crazy to me. Stockman cannot do much by himself in Congress, but he did make sure every member got a copy of the book regarding articles of impeachment against Obama. I know there have been instances of people pretending to be running as Tea Party candidates that were actually anything but, but that isn't the case here. What I do know is Cornyn represents everything I hate about Senate republicans although years ago I supported him. If my choice in the TX primaries is Cornyn or Stockman then Stockman will get my vote. Cornyn stabbed Cruz in the back instead of doing everything he could to support Cruz trying to stop Obamacare. The whole time that was going on Cornyn ads showed up everywhere I went saying "help me stop Obamacare now" when he was doing the opposite. I also don't get why it's suspect Stockman will be following up on Arpaio's CCP results next month. He's one of a few congressmen that tried to help get CCP information out. It's best to see what they have found before starting impeachment news conferences. Obviously there are multiple examples of impeachable offenses already, but I am hoping in March the information will be enough to get the fence sitters off their rear ends. Plus I think Carl Gallops made a quick mention recently that there is a plan in Congress for when the information is released and I would bet Stockman is in the loop with that. With all the info we already know it seems to me Obama should be arrested and not impeached. I just know that's not going to happen so I will keep praying that God has mercy on the American people and exposes Obama's lies about who he really is and that those with blinders on will join the rest of us in getting him out of office.

  6. I do live in Texas and I agree 100% with O'Irish and Rebecca Cook. This smacks of just conjecture. Where is the evidence? It would make a good political thriller, but without more than what was laid out in the article, I'm not buying it. I may have to eat my words when it all shakes out, but we'll see. I suppose what I'm really trying to say is "where did the author of the article get his information?"

  7. Possibly from the Cornyn people?? I would be curious as well.