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Saturday, February 8, 2014


The Congressional Budget Office just released their study of the 10-year impact of Obamacare in America.

   -Two percent decrease in gross natural production.

   -A net increase in the number of uninsured persons.

   -Increased taxes of $120 per month per taxpayer in addition to your Obamacare monthly fee.  The total expenditure of about two trillion             taxpayer dollars to fund Obamacare shortfalls.  (This is $120 per month tax burden per tax payer in the US for every month for the next ten     years. How much it will cost per month in 10-years is not part of the Congressional Budget Office report.  This figure is not adjusted for           inflation. Your medical coverage is $120 more than the Obamacare quote.  Your quote for your medical coverage will be collected from you     from the IRS. Even if you opt-out of Obamacare or have other medical coverage, if you are a tax-payer that $120 is still your monthly debt.       The $120 per month Obamacare ot keep Obamacare afloat will be collected from you in form of "other" IRS taxes.  They do not have the         integrity to call it "Additional Obamacare Payments.")

    -Six to seven million employees losing their employer-based insurance coverage.
    -Net loss of full time jobs.
(Parenthesis is mine.)
What the report does not tell us that we already know from other sources:
   Excessively high deductibles. 
   Sub-quality health care.
   Dramatic Loss of both the quality and quantity of medical doctors.
   Long waits to see fewer medical providers; deaths from excessive administrative delays in diagnosis and/or treatment.
   Nurses functioning as doctors and "medical-helpers" functioning as nurses.
   Identify theft of personal information.
   Loss of home and property if medical bills cannot be paid.
   Because the "collection agency" for Obamacare medical bills is the IRS, unpaid medical bills become "tax bills" subject to high interest rates.
   Death panels.
   Excessive rationing of services.
   Doctors who are, in effect, state employees.
   The destruction of the private sector of medicine and medical equipment suppliers.

   And the list goes on....
But, hey!  Obamacare is a success!  As I have stated all along, Obama is all about the financial destruction of America, socialism (the destruction of the middle class and the establishment of government control of our lives) and promoting Islam as the only acceptable (legal) religion of America. 
Obamacare is extremely effective at accomplishing goals one and two.  Obama has kept his promise in "fundamentally changing America" and he is not done yet!  To those who voted for him, how do you like ObamAmerica now?  When steps one and two are completed, step three is much easier.  Just as Obama said, the sweetest sound he has ever heard is the public call to worship Allah.  Get ready!
By the way, you need to read about Obama welcoming leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.

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