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Friday, February 21, 2014

Liberal Ignorance Abounds! Mike Dickinson EXPOSED!


Mike Dickinson is a Democrat who is challenging Republican House Majority Whip Eric Cantor in Virginia. Dickinson is urging the Federal Communications Commission to tighten up, specifically, on the Fox News Channel.

Dickinson's request is, apparently, in response to the recent FCC proposal that radio and television stations be monitored to ensure they are airing “unbiased” stories and programs.
This particular Obama administration plan would place government researchers and "news regulators" in newsrooms across the country.

Below are a collection of some of Dickinson's recent Tweets. Notice the vitriol and downright hypocrisy contained within those tweets. In one of them, he actually says that the NRA are descendents of the KKK! (See tweet circled in RED below). Yet, he has the audacity to call FOX News "liars" and "distorters" of truth.

We suppose Dickinson does not know that the KKK was conceived by Democrats in Tennessee right after the civil war to take care of the "problem" of the freed slaves. We also suppose that Dickinson does not know that the NRA was created by religious leaders for the express purpose of giving the freed slaves the ability to protect themselves against the KKK and others who would try to enslave them again. (See video below).

 Either Dickinson, in our opinion, is woefully ignorant and uneducated in matters of history, or he is deceitfully disingenuous. On the other hand, we suspect he might be both. What say you?


Listen to Black leaders speak of the creation of the NRA and its connection to the KKK in the below video.


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