Zev Porat

Monday, February 3, 2014

Michigan has nearly $1 billion in extra tax revenue thanks to new Conservative Governor following Liberal Democrat Governor's reign of DESTRUCTION

LANSING — Lansing politicians have plenty of experience fighting over policy options.

When it comes to fighting over what to do with excess revenue — not so much.

But that’s the fight that’s now under way at the Capitol and it’s set to intensify as Gov. Rick Snyder gets ready to present his fourth state budget on Feb. 6.

As Michigan enters its fourth year of a sustained economic recovery after a deep and decade-long recession, Michigan finds itself with about $971 million in additional tax revenues over three years above what officials estimated as recently as last May, Budget Director John Nixon said at the conclusion of Friday’s twice-annual revenue estimating conference. (SOURCE)

Jennifer Granholm.jpgMichigan is finally recovering from the destructive reign of Liberal Democrat Party darling Canadian-born Jennifer Granholm (left) who drove the state to near bankruptcy with some pundits suggesting selling the state to China as a last resort.

RickSnyder.jpgConservative Rick Snyder (right) is an American business executive, venture capitalist, and (current) 48th Governor of Michigan. A member of the Republican Party, he assumed office as the 48th governor of Michigan on January 1, 2011. From 2005 to 2007, Snyder served as the chairman of the board of Gateway, Inc., based in Irvine, California. Prior to his election as governor, he was chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Ardesta LLC, a venture capital firm based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.[3] Snyder was mentioned as among the possible picks to be the Republican Party candidate for Vice President of the United States in 2012. On February 3rd, 2014, he announced his candidacy for re-election as Governor of Michigan in 2014.

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