Zev Porat

Sunday, April 13, 2014

BREAKING - American Spring Insider: "Bloodbath" Coming to DC in May - Resigns in Disgust!


  1. Ok-while not knowing the lady or her circumstances-think about it for a minute-the Feds know (as opposed to Nevada) that we are unarmed-yes there may be a nutcase who may do something-if they want to arrest us-they can find any excuse especially with the Anti-Protest Bill HR347 and we will be surrounded by Fed Agents everywhere-because its the Fed Capital-so what are we supposed to do-just say ok-we wont go-We just have to be hypervigilant about our surroundings and lawful about what we are doing and is going on around us-but its a Cause-a necessary act-to show up and be present-how else are you going to let lawmakers who may wish to act in good faith know that they have the dedicated support of We the People?.

  2. Consider this-though-what if this happens as she says-and what if had Arpaio released his universe shattering evidence the Federal Agents could have been given pause to shoot -because they would have then known that their Government Orders were illegal?