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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Howard Stern and Larry King on Atheism and Homosexuality


 By Mike Shoesmith

Howard Stern

As I scanned through the satellite radio channels today I stumbled upon a familiar voice. It was Larry King. He was speaking with Howard Stern about an interview he did with Frank Sinatra many years ago. "This could be interesting," I thought. So I listened. After all, it was in fact a trio of atheists, two living (sort of) and one dead.

Howard Stern is a self-proclaimed atheist who suffers from agoraphobia. When asked by King (also an atheist) why he never goes any place Stern responded with "I'm afraid." Sinatra, another famous atheist, was described by King as "never really happy."

The conversation turned to an interview King had with Jerry Falwell wherein King asked about Falwell's views on homosexuality. "It's unnatural" Falwell replied. Then an intense discussion between Stern and King ensued. 

King likened opposition to same-sex attraction to racism and this is the primary reason for writing this article.

Pseudo-existential reality

When a person is born "black" or "white" or whatever their ethnic heritage the best tool one has to determine said existential reality would be one's own eyes. The color of a man's skin is clearly visible. The second greatest tool one has is, of course, a mirror. Go ahead, take a good look. Are you black? White, perhaps? It matters not to me what your skin pigment is. You are a member of the human race; a family of sinners in desperate need of a savior. And when people like Stern and King liken the plight of sexual "preference" baiters to that of those who suffered because of the color of their skin it should enrage the so-called black man more than anyone. Their cause has been hijacked and perpetuated by people who have no claim to it. Here's why.

When a man is born a man this too is clearly visible. One only needs one's own eyes to discern the matter. A man's birth-gender is clearly visible. Or perhaps you require a mirror. Go ahead, take a good look. Are you a man? Or a woman perhaps? The evidence is clearly visible much like the color of a person's skin. The man-parts fit perfectly with the woman-parts to form a union. This is a design issue and works to bring us a next generation as well as pleasure. Problems have risen and continue when the mechanics of this design are tampered with - as in the case of the same sex lifestyle.

In the below diagram posted to the Centers for Disease Control the term "MSM" stands for men who have sex with men. The numbers are shocking. 

Shown here is a horizontal bar chart entitled,

Also from the same source: "Sexual risk behaviors account for most HIV infections in MSM. Anal sex without a condom (unprotected anal sex) has the highest risk for passing HIV during sex... it is also possible to become infected with HIV through oral sex... gay men are at increased risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, and CDC recommends that all sexually active MSM be tested annually for these infections."

And while the people doing these things to their bodies in contradiction to their physical characteristics cling to the "we were born this way" pseudo-existential reality which is easily debunked, as easily as a black man knows he is not white by simply looking in a mirror, we are expected to accept this activity as normal in spite of what we know is true. After all, when it comes to sexuality there are only two kinds of people - those who are having sex and those who are not. In virtually every way, how one has sex and with whom one has sex is entirely one's choice. And this true existential reality stands in direct opposition to the pseudo (fake) existential reality thrust upon a society consumed by the guilt of their own passions and distracted by sophistry.

In short, one is born black or white or whatever irrelevant non-color one has, just as one is born with whatever genitalia one has. The race card can only be played in favor of hetero-sexuality if one is to play it at all. And the racial minority who were once victims of racial discrimination (a biblical abomination) should be outraged at the hijacking of their issues for the sake of justifying unnatural (to use Falwell's words) behavior. 

So we close with this. Penicillin wasn't created by man or synthesized out of thin air. It was a serendipitous discovery - a gift that simply occurs naturally. So then, Mr King, it appears the single reason you gave Howard Stern for not believing in God has simply evaporated. 

Those who listened to the interview will understand.


  1. Pass this on to Sheriff Joe-Is outright war with Russia enough of a crisis to get this "Universe Shattering" Information released? Unless Obama is "deposed" by Congress or the Supreme Court as "incompetent" he is going to lead OUR Nation into destruction-it may already be too late-thanks-

  2. sick stuff, yuck!