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Thursday, July 31, 2014

BREAKING! House Votes to IMPEACH OBAMA! DNC Goes On FULL Damage Control Mode!


Democrats have gone into full damage control mode following a vote in the House of Representatives to sue the President of the United States of America for "executive overreach." The vote was held yesterday, July 30th which was followed by a flurry of emails out of the official DNC/Obama camp HQ begging the acolytes for donations to combat the lawsuit. Interestingly they also mention in the emails that this is a historical first in America... but are they right?

From Abby Witt of BarackObama.com:

Friend -- 

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner and House leadership did something that's never been done in American history: They voted to sue the President.  
What's certain is that this is an utter waste of time and millions of taxpayer dollars. 
But it gets crazier -- this opens the door for extreme voices in Congress to call for impeachment.
I wish that was as unbelievable as it sounds. But look at John Boehner's track record: He let an extreme minority shut down the government, gave them more than 50 votes trying to derail Obamacare, and now he's letting them call the shots over a wasteful lawsuit.
This isn't going to stop unless the American people demand it -- right now, add your name to tell John Boehner you're fed up with this nonsense.
As grassroots organizers who are working for real change that actually helps people, what's most frustrating is that political stunts like this lawsuit only make it more unlikely that they'll get something meaningful done.
John Boehner is the Speaker of the House. That's a job that should mean something -- the chance to fix problems and tackle the issues that the American people sent you there to do.
Instead, he's one of the biggest reasons this is the least productive Congress in modern history. 
That's pretty shameful, and what just happened yesterday on Capitol Hill is making matters worse.
Add your name to tell John Boehner to knock off the political games and get something done:

Abby Witt 
Deputy National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action

The dictionary defines "impeach" as:

im·peach  [im-peech] 
verb (used with object)
1.to accuse (a public official) before an appropriate tribunal of misconduct in office.
2.Chiefly Law. to challenge the credibility of: to impeach a witness.
3.to bring an accusation against.
4.to call in question; cast an imputation upon: to impeach a person's motives.
5.to call to account.

So it seems that by the definition of "impeach" clearly spelled out in the dictionary the House, led by speaker John Boehner, has voted in the affirmative to "impeach" president Barack Hussein Obama. 

It's a sneaky move and, as the panicked DNC points out, unprecedented. The House of Representatives has voted to impeach the President without any required involvement from the Democrat-led Senate. 

Synonyms for "sue" are listed as "accuse, allege, arraign, charge, cite, complain, impeach, implicate, indict, litigate, prosecute, subpoena, summons." - See more at: http://www.thesaurus.net/sue#sthash.ALFHA2Jn.dpuf

If found guilty of executive overreach it remains difficult to ascertain what Boehner's next move will be but make no mistake: suing the POTUS may be a first in US history but the term is synonymous with impeachment and the US House of Representatives has voted to do just that.


  1. Exactly what the Democrats and the Elitist Faction controlling BOTH major political parties wants! They are in a position to choreograph this insincere attempt at impeachment and RIGHT BEFORE the 'universe shattering' information is released by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's volunteer Cold-Case-Posse. The benefit to the Elitist Faction and to Obama is that after the feigned attempt at an impeachment woefully fails BY DESIGN the propaganda press will be given the reporting currency to falsely portray the Cold-Case-Posse's indictment against Mr. Obama as just a bit more of 'that ridiculous impeachment-like RACIST assault by those who hate Obama because he's Black. The Democrats will have this attack upon the Oval Office to use in November to rally as many dumb-ass defenders of their 'lord and savior Barack Obama,' to quote that idiot Jamie Foxx, and an easily managed from the inside staged impeachment effort becomes Obama's shield against the findings of Sheriff Joe's CCP. Obama will sing loudly, 'See, the RACISTS are doing it to me again!' and the lamestream government propaganda organizations will echo his cry characterizing the FACTS that are released by the CCP as nothing more than those crazy 'Birthers' again.

    1. Nothing that these Dems do suprises me anymore. They appall me, but no surprise. The lies '0blabla is stating on TV right now in his wh press conference sicken me. It sickens me because he/they get by with it. They lie constantly, and the low info folks don't know any difference. This guy is all about himself, he claims to 'care about the people'... I would like someone to tell me "what" people does he care about, other than himself? He panders to the islm radicals, panders to the illegals for the hispanic population, panders to the hollywood elites/celebrities, he does nothing for the blacks, nothing for the veterans, seems to have disdain for our military. Lies, lies, lies, all the time, directed at those who will not do their own research, and just take what he says as truth... they can't imagine why or how our highest elected leader could lie. They have to be aware of the CCP investigation and some 'universe shattering' evidence...and that it will be revealed relatively soon, so they're likely to be looking closely at all their options in order to succeed in a major push back. Wish the CCP and sheriff would come out with the evidence during this timeframe when Congress is on recess and '0blabla will be on vaca. Nothing will be going on much in the news without his face on TV 6 times a day, so they would have the full attention of the media. Too bad they aren't ready yet, because this would be a perfect opportunity do the release. He's going to be off riding his bike and playing golf, mostly out of the spot light. what will he do if it comes out while he's gone, return to DC to do damage control? Heck he can't cancel a fund raiser when 4 Americans were killed by terrorists in benghazi, or when the plane went down, or when our southern border is being overrun by illegals. BUT, I'll bet he'd quickly cancel his vaca for the CCP reveal, and high tail it back to DC for that!!

  2. Of course the House can impeach the president without the Senate.

    Unless I'm missing something, am I to assume that there's something more you're talking about when you say that the Senate isn't needed? Something like conviction of Obamalamaddungdong?

  3. The Sheriff and the CCP will miss the perfect opportunity to have full media attention for revealing the "universe shattering" evidence, during this upcoming period of time when Congress is in recess and '0blabla is on vaca. '0babla won't be sucking up all the air in the room with his mug on TV making speeches and doing his campaign rallies, and Congress will be out, so won't have anything going on in the House or Senate to gain media attention. The 'universe shattering' reveal would be the only major story for the media to concentrate on! Perfect time and perfect opportunity to get the full media's attention!! I'm disappointed they still aren't ready, I guess.

  4. When they win, and they will, because Obama has clearly bypassed the U.S. Constitution and done things he cannot do, the law suit will open a whole Pandora's box of additional damages that can be filed for.

    Everyone who has lost healthcare coverage can claim damages from the law suit.

    Everyone that had major premium increases can claim damages from the law suit.

    Insurance companies hurt financially can claim damages from the law suit.

    Oh my, my list get's longer by the second...