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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Illegal Immigration Fix! "So Simple It's Staggering!" MASSIVE Protest in Massachusetts (Video)!

Below is an interview on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups July 25th with event promoter Dr Grace Vuoto the day before the scheduled protest. Listen to her give a detailed and brilliant explanation of how to fix the problem of illegal immigration and announce the next-day protests scheduled for July 26th, which more than ten thousand people attended by some estimates.

Below that are videos of the actual event which took place today. Watch all three videos right here.

Coverage via The Right Scoop:

Here I thought it was only California who had guts enough to protest the federal government dumping illegal immigrants in their towns, but it sounds like some Americans in Massachusetts woke up and got to protestin’!
Watch below:

More from The Right Scoop:

Here’s the call for the rally from radio talk show host Jeff Kuhner:
Join Jeff Kuhner for a major rally to protest Governor Deval Patrick’s plan to house illegal aliens from Central America in Massachusetts. The rally takes place Saturday, July 26, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the steps of the State House on Beacon Hill across from the Boston Common. 
It’s funny how the Boston Herald video doesn't include the portion of the speech where radio host Jeff Kuhner welcomed Hispanics and legal immigrants, and the audience applauded. See, that won’t help push their narrative that these protests are racially motivated and against all immigrants. 
Here’s that video:

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