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Friday, July 18, 2014

Science or Child Abuse? New Evolution Book Geared to Preschoolers Teaches Children They Evolved from Fish!

After apparently failing to get a publisher to support the project the author of "Grandmother Fish" has taken to Kick Starter to secure funding for a book geared to preschoolers which seeks to indoctrinate them into believing that they evolved from fish.

From the site:
Grandmother Fish is the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers. While listening to the story, the child mimics the motions and sounds of our ancestors, such as wiggling like a fish or hooting like an ape. Like magic, evolution becomes fun, accessible, and personal. Grandmother Fish will be a full-size (10 x 8), full-color, 32-page, hardback book full of appealing animal illustrations, perfect for your bookshelf. US publishers consider evolution to be too “hot” a topic for children, but with help from people like you, we are making this book happen ourselves.
PPSIMMONS has received much criticism for exposing the fact that evolution theory does in fact teach that human beings were once fish. "Fish-to-men evolution" is the theory in a nutshell. People have messaged us with statements like "no evolutionist anywhere teaches that humans came from fish."


This new book, written by a staunch evolutionist and endorsed by such proponents as Daniel Dennett and David Sloan Wilson, teaches exactly that. In a short video wherein parents are recorded reading the book to their young children, we see the reactions from the kids when they are told they come from fish. The video description reads:
You can see kids having Grandmother Fish read to them for the first time. Their reactions are priceless! In this 0:50 second video, see the little girl’s cute reaction to learning for the first time that we are descended from fish!

So when PPSIMMONS researchers expose the fact that deep-time evolution proponents teach that people evolved from fish (not monkeys) we are ridiculed for suggesting something so laughable. But now we see the evolutionists, perhaps hoping only their "peers" will notice, finally telling us what we already know. Evolutionists teach that fish became men.

Additionally, the author of the book likens the belief in "fish-to-men" evolution to belief in magic! From the site:

 "Like magic, evolution becomes fun, accessible, and personal."
 Magic? It's probably not the spooky supernatural variety to which he is referring but rather the slight-of-hand, illusion-based brand which tricks the audience into believing something happened or is happening but in reality it really isn't... and never did... much like the 'fish-to-men' theory of evolution which is being thrust onto the innocent minds of a generation of victims of the worst form of child abuse to hit humanity.

We are created beings who adapt within our kinds. We were never fish. There is a heaven to embrace and a hell to shun. But above all our creator, to whom we are all accountable, loved us enough to put on skin and bone and die the death of the guilty so that we can be adopted out of this world and into life everlasting.

Teach that to your children. Love them. Stop the abuse.

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