Zev Porat

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Should Obama Be Impeached? OR Simply ARRESTED?


  1. I've heard other news organizations claim that Nancy Pelosi signed off on the eligibility of Obama to be President after Bill and Hillary Clinton refused.

    There is no doubt in my mind, after talking to State Senator Sam Slom that Obama is not a US Citizen and never was one. One of my TEA Party friends attended Occidental College with Barry Soetoro, and tells me she knows him as a foreign student.

    I've also been told there is a law dating from the 1780s or 1790s which says that anyone who intentionally devalues the value of U S. Currency should be executed.

    Therefore he needs to removed from office in such a way that also negates all of his President functions, in other words, all appointment he made are null and void, any law he signed, is null and void. Which would among other things throw all Federal Judges appointed by Obummer the Fake out.

    Obama himself should be arrested and hung as soon as possible.

    Hillary Clinton should be tried for Treason for her role in Benghazi and she too should be hung, in my opinion.

  2. Arrest him. He is an illegal alien usurper that needs to be tried and convicted for his crimes against the American people. He should be housed in GITMO with the other terrorists until sentencing. I would prefer a military tribunal try him but either way he should be tried for treason and given the proper penalty for the grave harm he has caused our country.

  3. I think a public execution in front of all of congress is due, if worse case scenario is found to be the truth. Let them think twice of screwing America again. Hang the $%^#rd!