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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Civilization Jihad: The Muslim’s Great Commission

By Chris Farrell

In Morgan Brittany's op/ed 'Jihad Cool'—Recruiting Terrorists From America,' (8/26/2014. wnd.com), the author comments on the infamous Rolling Stone magazine cover featuring the militant Muslim Civilization Jihadist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev where she writes, "He was not being portrayed as the cold, psychopath that he is, but as a sympathetic, misguided young man." and concludes, "This was when I realized that there was a conscious effort being made to make terrorism "cool" and "sexy.""

The conscious effort Ms. Brittany identifies would be rightly identified as Mass Communications Civilization Jihad, or Media Jihad.

The Militant Civilization Jihadist who blows himself up in a crowded cafe or opens fire with multiple weapons on a school or upon the occupants of a theater do so as much to inflict upon the whole of the society under siege by Islam fear as to kill their immediate targets; in fact more so.

The mission of the militant Civilization Jihadist is to bring widespread attention to his 'cause,' his 'struggle,' or as the Arabic word Jihad is translated into German, his 'Kampf.'

Yet the many other dimensions of Civilization Jihad are just as sinister, equally as dangerous, to the lives, livelihood, and LIBERTY of the citizens in non-Islamic societies under siege by the murderous, totalitarian, and supremacist ideology that evinces a design to reduce all non-Muslims to the de facto slave status they call the dhimmi, and that clearly pronounces its aspirations of world domination that we know as Islam.

The Media Jihadist who comes on the television talk-show regurgitating like so much vomit the infamous lie that 'Islam is a religion of peace' while being fully aware that the apparently peaceful verses from the texts that Muslims hold as sacred are abrogated—that is to say overruled—by the later verses commanding murderous mayhem be undertaken by ALL Muslims; yes, even the infamous 'Moderate' Muslim that we hear so much about, is nothing less than a Media Civilization Jihadist paving the avenue of approach to the target for the Militant Civilization Jihadist—both have the same ultimate objective.

Mass Communication Civilization Jihadists facilitate the advance of the Militant Civilization Jihadists by convincing members within a society under siege by the Islamic multi-stage process of conquest that the money which non-Muslims are forced to pay within an Islamic state and demanded of from non-Islamic states as well is a "tax."

The Jizya is NOT a Tax, it is extortion inflicted upon non-Muslims at the threat of great bodily harm or even death, yet Western news reporters—or the pathetic Liberal-fascist press—the propaganda department devotees of the so-called Progressive Democrats that are little more than a poor excuse for journalists now reporting over the vast majority of America's news agencies—facilitate the Islamic enemies advancement of the lie when they report that Christians and other non-Muslim groups are being forced to pay a "tax."

One might safely imagine that the reader knows what a tax is. Perhaps the reader pays a tax to have his or her garbage collected, or a tax on his or her property, or a tax when he or she purchased a car. Undoubtedly nobody threatened to cut the throat of the reader's husband or wife and children after raping them if he or she should fail to pay any of his or her taxes.

Message to that idiot Sean Hannity: Please stop calling the Jizya a "Tax."

The Muslim working at the convenience store who sells the crack pipe to the Liberal-socialist Democrat who was raised on the 'Progressive' Welfare State metaphorical plantation without a father—only having an absentee 'Baby Daddy' pathetic substitute for a father—is waging Social Civilization Jihad.

Said Muslim clerk—(not that his name is actually 'Said,' but that's possible too! Hah!)—is contributing within the context of his own personal struggle—that is his own personal Jihad—to advance the worldwide domination agenda of Islam by contributing to the destruction of one life at a time within the non-Islamic nation under siege. Tragically ironic is that once imprisoned the often times African American crack-head is sometimes recruited into the ranks of the totalitarian and supremacist system of tyranny of Islam which for 1400-plus years has enslaved many Africans and still in fact does do so.

There are no parameters to the definition of Civilization Jihad. Anything that the Muslim does to undermine the stability of the non-Islamic society under siege by Islamic Civilization Jihad and to elevate and stabilize Islam's position within every sphere of said society under siege is done in the name of Civilization Jihad.

Jihad is a religiously held doctrinal tenet of the Islamo-fascist philosophical and political worldview known as Islam.

Civilization JIhad is the perversely inverse parallel equivalent to Christianity's Great Commission: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." (Matthew 28: 29-20.)

For the Islamic Civilization Jihadist, a.k.a. the Muslim, in place of 'Go and make disciples of all nations and baptize them,' it is to go into all non-Islamic nations and wage Civilization Jihad and behead them.

Waging Civilization Jihad, what any individual Muslim may rightly describe as his or her own struggle—In fact he or she would correctly phrase Civilization Jihad as 'My Struggle,' or if they should happen to be German Muslims they would use the words 'Mein Kampf,'—is, according to the doctrines and tenets of Islam, EVERY Muslims duty—yes even that "moderate" Muslim next door to you or working in your office who claims much like Rodney King that all he really wants is for everybody to just 'get along.' The nominal Muslim may even mean it when he says that, but that's NOT what the totalitarian system of tyrannical governance known as Islam holds as an ideological and religious dogma. Islam should not be assessed by observing those who do not practice its teachings.

The fact is that the Muslim you may not feel threatened by simply does not adhere to the actual teachings of Islam, just as everyone who claims to be a Christian does not actually adhere to biblical standards of righteousness. In case you haven't noticed, Islamic Civilization Jihadists have no reservations in their sick hearts and minds in dealing barbarically with such nominal Muslims along with the infidel.

Liberal-Fascism, that is to say Liberal-Socialism, exemplified in the infamous efforts of the National Socialists in Germany, that is to say the NAZIS, and Islamo-Fascism are birds of a feather really.

The parallels in the underlying philosophical perversions upon which an Islamo-fascist and a Liberal-fascist worldview is constructed is endless and most telling, yet virtually all social and political columnists in the West seem utterly dumbfounded as to why Liberal-fascist, 'Progressive' Democrats continuously facilitate the infiltration of Civilization Jihadists of all stripes into the fabric of non-Islamic societies; as to why Leftists invite the dreaded disease of Islam to spread within even their own countries.

Birds of a feather stick together, Stupid. 

Liberal-fascism, or Liberal-socialism, or Progressivism, is but a stepping stone towards conquest to the Islamo-fascist.

The stereotypical characteristic of Liberals—that of being delusional—permits them to delusionally proceed in dealing with the barbaric totalitarian system of governance and control over virtually every aspect of society known as Islam in complete denial as to the true evil nature of Islam, and allows the delusional Liberal to swallow as they do so many other lies the never ending series of lies upon lies promulgated by Islamist apologists: Most prominently the infamous lie that 'Islam is a religion of peace.' 

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