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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rush On Robin Williams' Suicide

By Chris Farrell

Rush Limbaugh is being condemned for his comments about the late Robin Williams. 

Actually Rush Limbaugh's assertion that Robin Williams killed himself because of a 'political leftist' attitude makes perfect sense. 

The religion known by many names: Humanism, or Liberalism, Socialism, or 'Progressivism' elevates Mankind above God, so seeing themselves as 'Gods' or 'Supermen' as Frederic Bastiat identified the Liberal-fascist construct of what he also called their so-called 'Legislative Leaders' they assume the authority to decide for the rest of society what is right and what is wrong--what is politically correct or incorrect, and presume as well to dictate to the rest of society from their superior position being individuals imbued with what the priests of Socialism call 'verstehen,' a so called "higher insight,' what amounts to a regurgitation of the Gnostic concept of illumination stratified so that the most illuminated are even called by some sociologists 'Master Thinkers." 

Leftist Liberal-fascists, or Liberal-socialists, (and remember...all Socialism is National Socialism Stupid), hesitate not to decide for themselves when they shall die. History demonstrates that they show no hesitation in deciding just when others need to die either. 

All humor is tragic. It makes perfect sense that a man who rejects God and embraces a Leftist worldview--that of Liberal-fascism--would presume upon himself the authority to end his life when he felt it appropriate to do so. 

Warning: When adherents to the religion of Liberalism, or "Progressivism", or Humanism, or Communism, or Leftism, or Socialism, or Modernism, or Materialism, or Fascism..., (Did I cover all the different denominations?), assume political authority they presume the authority to end others lives whom they deem it appropriate to murder, or had you not read of Hitler, Mao, Stalin? 

Too late to pray for the poor comic. 

Here's another tragic irony in the suicide of Robin Williams: The man who we appreciate for having made us all laugh so hard, leaves us crying for his poor unregenerate, doomed soul.

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