Zev Porat

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Salute to Our Veterans

Almost everyone has seen the 1946 movie with James Steward and Donna Reed entitled, "It's a Wonderful life". The movie is about how one man's life, over time, made a huge positive difference in a city.  

Today is Veterans Day.  Our great nation, the United States of America, has made a huge positive difference, over time, in the make up the entire world.  Center and key to our greatness are those who serve and have served in the US Military.  

All the words in the world about freedom are powerless unless we have men who are willing to shed their blood for the cause of freedom.  Because of those men of courage, America is great and the world the benefactor of our politicians who stand for freedom and back that bold stand with the blood of American patriots.  

A salute to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces.  From all of us at PPSIMMONS -- Thank you.  Where freedom rings it is because of people like you!  You made and continue to make the difference. 

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