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Saturday, November 1, 2014

CBS-5 Phoenix - Runs Shameless Hit Piece on Cold-Case Posse

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Report and Interview

Former fired CCP member Brian Reilly unloads "out right lies" on CBS-5 Phoenix!

CCP Lead Investigator Mike Zullo says to PPSN, "Personally I am absolutely appalled at the incredulous, malicious, mean-spirited, and ill intentioned pack of out right lies and utter fabrications that Mr. Reilly and his wife are attempting to put forth as truth in order to bring discredit to me and to Sheriff Joe Arpaio in this important investigation. This kind of attack can proceed only  from the blackest of hearts"


(Read Mike Zullo's and Morgan Loew's entire email chain before the interview was conducted!)
(Read Mike Zullo's personal response to this matter in an interview with PPSN)

CBS-5 KPHO Phoenix - investigative reporter Morgan Loew recently interviewed former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly (who was fired by Mike Zullo after only eight weeks of posse service). 

http://www.birtherreport.com/2014/10/videos-cbs-5-news-runs-seven-minute.htmlThe bulk of the interview centered on this apparently disgruntled former posse member's accusation that CCP donation money had been "misused." Particular to the accusation was the charge that Zullo had received a $10,000 personal donation through the CCP. Reilly intimated that this personal donation was somehow inappropriate.

Loew  contacted Zullo about the donation in question and Zullo responded with a personal email to Loew explaining the matter in great detail. Conveniently, Zullo's email, and its detailed explanation of the matter, was left out of the interview. You may read Zullo's email for yourself  - below.

(Click the image to enlarge Mike Zullo's email to Loew. ALSO see the entire email chain below in this article)

It is also interesting to note that during the Loew interview there was not one mention of the details of Obama's identification fraud case. It was clear to numerous viewers that the "interview" was intended as a hit-piece from the beginning. There was absolutely no discussion of the mounds of information concerning Obama's nefarious background and infamous record-sealing or the evidence reported on thus far by the CCP having to do with the fraudulent nature of Obama's long form birth certificate.

Many readers will remember that it was Morgan Loew who launched into an attack against Arpaio and the CCP at the beginning of the question and answer session during Arpaio's first press conference concerning the Obama birth certificate fraud case. At that conference Loew did not ask a single question about the overwhelming and condemning evidence that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the CCP had just presented.

The donor of the $10,000 in question was Bill Wolf (now deceased) who some will remember as a plaintiff in an Obama-related lawsuit against former, and now deceased, Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy.

Loew's interview with Reilly attempted to implicate Bill Wolf as an important information source for the CCP investigation. Zullo fervently denies this insinuation and explains that Wolf was simply a concerned American and a supporter of the CCP's work and investigation. The question of all CCP donations and 501 tax status information has arisen before in various investigative reports. Not only has there never been a single, provable, case of wrong doing or mishandling of CCP donations, but the IRS has also declined to weigh in on the matter as well.  

WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE (Wait for video to load)
PPSN Exclusive Interview with Mike Zullo

Mike Zullo told PPSN, "Personally I am absolutely appalled at the incredulous, malicious, mean-spirited, and ill intentioned pack of out right lies and utter fabrications that Mr. Reilly and his wife are attempting to put forth as truth in order to bring discredit to me and to Sheriff Joe Arpaio in this important investigation. This kind of attack can proceed only  from the blackest of hearts"

Zullo went on to say, "Brian Reilly 's attempt to throw dirt on the generosity and kindhearted act of Mr. Bill Wolf and his wife, in order to offer a blessing from them to me, for the explicit purpose of helping my ailing mother is absolutely disgusting."

When asked to expound on what has transpired since the CBS-5 interview, Zullo offered the following, "I received a call from Bill's widow and I can't begin to tell you the pain that is been inflicted upon this woman who is still wrestling with the death of her husband. I've come to learn that it was Susan Daniels that was the one who contacted Mrs. Wolff to make the inquiry. It is apparent to me that Brian Reilly and Susan Daniels, and one other person I know of, are now working in concert to try to bring discredit to me personally. The most troubling of all Mr. Reilly 's fictitious statements is this rendition he proffered in the Loew interview where he tries to portray himself as sitting next to me when I made a phone call to Mr. Wolf for the purpose of expressing my heart felt gratitude. Reilly put forth an absolutely fictitious tale in this matter. He presented the matter as if he was sitting next to me and then I hung up the phone and turned to him and supposedly said 'I just got $10,000 now we have to figure out how to get you money.'

Zullo went on to clarify, "I can emphatically tell you that never took place. As a matter of fact, the check came in around 9 o'clock in the morning, unexpectedly, and my wife and I were the only ones home when we opened it. My wife was here when I made the call to Mr. Wolf. Unless Mr. Reilly was sleeping at my house he would've been one hour away from me at that time of the call. This is the most outlandish falsehood (of many) I have yet heard to come out of his mouth."

When PPSN asked Zullo what he thought Mr. Reilly 's motives might be in this matter, he responded, "I believe Mr. Reilly 's intentions are spawned from  many emotional issues and self-serving motivations that reside within him, particularly his previously expressed desire to write a book when this ordeal is finally over. It is my opinion that this is his main motivation for spinning up these controversies."

PPSN: Did Mr. Reilly ever receive benefits or compensation related to his work with the CCP?

ZULLO: Yes. Mr. Reilly fails to mention that he was a personal benefactor of some of the donated funds  acquired by the posse. He and his wife were compensated a total of $1200 for services rendered to the posse before Mr. Reilly was even a member. In addition he accompanied me on brief out-of-state trips in which Mr. Reilly 's hotel stay and meals and transportation were all paid for through donated funds.
PPSN: In your opinion, did Mr. Reilly make any other false claims in the interview, or leave out any other important information pertinent to the interview?

ZULLO: Absolutely. Mr. Reilly also failed to mention that he was a fired former volunteer law-enforcement officer. Furthermore, the presentation that he was not a Birther, and that he accepted Hawaii's Secretary of State's validation of the Obama birth certificate are both outright fabrications. Reilly 's actions have been witnessed by countless people refuting that Hawaiian verification at the time it was made.
ZULLO: The bottom line is this - Mr. Reilly wasn't upset with the Sheriff's office as he claims he was. In my opinion, Mr. Reilly was upset that the Sheriff and I were not conducting this investigation the way Mr. Reilly believed it should be conducted. That seems to be a reoccurring theme in every venture of which Mr. Reilly becomes a part. He attempts to take over a lead position and instill his own thoughts and ideas and fight anyone who does not see the situation as he does. He appears to me to be an extremely divisive and controlling individual.

Between Morgan Loew and Mike Zullo:

Hi Mike.
I am working on a story about the finances of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse and I would like to sit down with you for an on camera interview.
I can’t find any 990s for the CCP, which appears odd, as the other MCSO posse organizations all file 990s with the IRS. Have you filed these tax returns? How much money did the CCP take in during the calendar year of 2012?
I have a few additional questions I would like to go over with you. Please let me know if you’re able to meet for the interview.
I have CC’d Lisa Allen in case the MCSO needs to approve the interview.
Thank you,
Morgan Loew
Investigative Reporter
CBS 5 News – Phoenix


Hi Morgan
Respectfully, I must turn down your request for an interview,  I have addressed this topic ad nauseam over the last three years. I have given phone interviews, radio interviews and if my memory serves correct, one of your colleagues  interviewed me approximately one year ago on this very topic.
 I have communicated the circumstances of our exemption status regarding the 990s. And I have also publicly released the documentation regarding that very exception. There just is nothing new I can add to the conversation.

On another note, I believe this issue is being rekindled by the efforts of a very disgruntled,  former  eight week member, Mr.Brian Reilly.

Since his departure Mr.Reilly has made it his goal to publicly slander and malign myself , Sheriff Arpaio, the Cold Case Posse and the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office.

Mr. Reilly is an individual possessing almost zero firsthand knowledge on many of the topics and allegations he raises during his personal crusade.

On the chance that Mr. Reilly is your source, I would strongly urge you to vet your source very carefully. You may come to learn that these kinds of warrantless, mean spirited attacks have been perpetrated by Mr. Reilly in the past. He has a history of crusading similar retaliations, filled with outrageously disingenuous accusations.  You may come to learn  that Mr. Reilly  was at one time a volunteer member of another  Law Enforcement agency and was terminated from his position. A fact that Mr. Reilly chooses hide from.  

Thank you,

Mike [Zullo]

Hi Mike.
Thank you for getting back to me. I don’t doubt that you’ve done interviews with other media on this issue, but I don’t think you’ve answered the questions I have. They include:
·         How much money in donations did the Cold Case Posse receive during the 2012 year?
·         How was that money spent?
·         I have heard many accusations that you have used some of the money for personal expenses. How do you respond to those accusations?
·         The other MCSO posse organizations file 990s. Why did you choose not to? I understand your organization may qualify for the exemption you claim, but why not be transparent?
·         Do you report any financial information to MCSO regarding donations and expenses? If so, what specifically?
·         When you have traveled on CCP business, have you held yourself out as a law officer?
·         Did you show your badge to government employees in Hawaii or Seattle during birth certificate-related trips?
CBS 5 is going to air a story that raises these questions. If I am misinformed about any of these issues, please let me know. I also ask that you reconsider my request for an on-camera interview. If the money was spent appropriately and you have documentation for how it was spent, there should be no reason for you to refuse to answer these questions on camera.
Thanks for reconsidering.

I just discovered your email this afternoon. The only question I am going to respond to is this one.
"I have heard many accusations that you have used some of the money for personal expenses. How do you respond to those accusations?"
My answer to this question is emphatically No !  These accusations that you claim you have heard are absolutely  unfounded, slanderous and completely fabricated.  They are designed to cast me and this organization in a disparaging light.   I am appalled at this accusation!   Perhaps you would like to share your sources?

Hi Mike.
Thank you for responding to my email, and this question in particular. I do have a follow-up, with regard to $10,000 from William Wolf that was sent to you in 2012.
His widow has confirmed they gave you the money, but were you under the impression the money was supposed to go to you, personally, or to the Cold Case Posse?

(A photocopy of Mike Zullo's actual email below is embedded in this article above for your review. PPSN has added the bold emphasis to important statements in Zullo's email. REMEMBER - as you read the next email  -  Morgan Loew had this email before the interview. Zullo's account does not even come close to matching what Reilly said in the interview - yet Loew never challenged Reilly, never related Zullo's response, never indicated that he had heard from Zullo in the matter, and never gave Reilly a chance to refute or confirm Zullo's account.  In short - Loew's "report" was not a report of integrity. It now appears to many viewers to be a report of "predetermined agenda" and nothing more.)

This question you are asking me is very personal in nature, but I'm going to answer it because of the kind of man Bill was.
To answer your question this was not issued to the posse or anything posse related.
Bill had contributed to the Posse very early on with a check made directly to the Posse with instructions on the bottom of the check and how to use it. Bill being from New Jersey, which you know is my home state, we became very friendly over the phone, spending time in lengthy conversations
Bill was aware of my personal situation, being my father had passed away in May of 2010, he was aware  that I was taking care of my elderly mother who was very ill, almost blind and I was having to provide for her on many levels.   
During the many conversations Bill and I talked much about family and I had talked to about the passing of my father. He knew I really didn't want to take my mother out of her home and relocate her because she couldn't see. He knew it was very taxing. My mother passed away in May of this year.
I hadn’t talked to Bill for a while, was kind of busy.  I don't remember the month, but in 2012 a FedEx envelope arrives unexpectedly at my door, just out of nowhere. When I opened it there is a check for $10,000 made out to me personally from Bill. I had no idea what it was for.
 I called Bill; he kind of laughs and says, “I was waiting for your call.”   I advised him he made a mistake on the check, and he needed to make it out to the posse.
He told me it was not for the posse, he said it had nothing to do with anything that I was doing. He said that’s why [he] made it out to me.  I did not understand and asked him what it was for.
 He said he really admired my family commitment and appreciated what I was doing for my family and he just want to help me. He said there aren't many people that would go to the lengths I was going to trying to make my mother as comfortable as I could, keeping in her own home, shouldering her burdens  and not putting her in a facility.  He says he just want to help me. “It’s my gift to you.”  I was just speechless. I never asked him for anything. I never asked him for help.  I never ask anybody. I never had anything like this happen to me before.
I offered to send it back to him and he absolutely refused, he told me I would be insulting him greatly. He said that he had made a lot of money in his life and that he could afford it and he just wanted to help me.  I will never forget those words. I was so choked up, I couldn't even talk.
This was a very emotional conversation for me to have with him.  And it's very emotional for me to reiterate to you. To this day it is so difficult for me to even comprehend. I have only heard stories like this in church.
Bill’s generosity was beyond words. His friendship to me will never be forgotten.  Bills’ passing was a shock. I had talked to him when he was in the hospital, just days before he passed. 

Mark Gillar, host of The Tea Party Power Hour radio program, had these interesting revelations to make at the CBS-5 news site posting column:

Mark Gillar's reply HCP at CBS-5:

Yes and I'm sure I missed Loew explaining why almost all the money his organization raises is spent with Perkins Coie [the same law firm that Obama uses to defend his BC case]. Are they really the only law firm in Phoenix that can successfully defend a journalist? I also wonder why the 2013 paperwork doesn't list which law firm received 25,000?. 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 990s list the following money spent with Perkins Coie respectively: 50,000, 33,000, 25,000 and 25,000. Again the non-profit chose to hide which legal firm was the beneficiary of $25,000 in expenditures in 2013. The non-profit of which Loew is the Vice-Prez spent $133,000 with Perksin Coie in only 4 years. I bet if Zullo spent nearly the entire CCP income with one firm, Loew would be saying that questions must be answered in the name of transparency. 
Link to an interview I did with Zullo a few weeks ago. In it, he discusses some of Reilly's accusations. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/markgillar/2014/10/05/zullo-fires-back-at-peter-boyles-and-former-cold-case-posse-member

Mark Gillar's comment to CBS-5:

Arpaio has his Cold Case Posse investigating Obama's LFBC and Selective Service card. Many of the legal challenges to Obama's eligibility have been handled by Perkins Coie. Loew as the VP of The 1st Amendment Association of AZ is an officer in a non-profit corporation that seems to have a very cozy relationship with Perkins Coie. Why does CBS Channel 5 in Phoenix allow a reporter with this type of conflict of interest continue to do the groundless attack pieces on the CCP? Who can forget the attack he launched at the beginning of Q&A session during Arpaio's first press conference. Not one question about the evidence presented. Just opened up with an attack.

Mark Gillar elaborates further via email [to BirtherReport.com]:

Almost 100% of the legal expenses incurred by Loew's organization are spent with Perkins & Coie.  
2008 - $50,000 to Perkins & Coie
2009 - $33,000 to Perkins & Coie
2010 - $25,000 to Perkins & Coie
2011 - $25,000 to Perkins & Coie
2012 - $25,000 to Perkins & Coie
2012 - August 6th - Article Corsi wrote about Mr. Lowe's connection to Perkins & Coie  Reporter, Obama law firm unite against Sheriff Joe
2013 - $25.000 to Undisclosed Law Firm 
Funny how  Loew's group stopped naming the law firm they were spending all that money with after [Dr. Jerome] Corsi exposed the relationship.  I guess someone should ask  Loew's about that???
Another poster at the CBS-5 site echoes Gillar's concerns:

Commenter Hank-C-Poo at CBS-5 says:

I missed the beginning of the segment, so that must explain why I failed to see Morgan Loew disclose his close relationship with Dan Barr, the representative of Perkins Coie in Phoenix, the Seattle based law firm that has represented Obama on eligibility lawsuits. And since it appears that Loew and Barr together formed the non-profit group, The First Amendment Coalition of Arizona, which appears to champion free speech as long as it's not critical of Obama, I'm quite certain that while playing the role of a neutral journalist (poorly) on CBS 5, such an important disclosure would have certainly been made. Yeah, I'm sure it happened at the beginning of the segment. After all, Morgan Loew and CBS 5 must value their... credibility?



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