Zev Porat

Thursday, November 27, 2014


No country has ever been greater than the United States of America.  No god has ever been greater than the God of the Bible.  Those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior have a lifelong universal testimony of the wonderful difference He has made and is making in our lives.  We sleep better.  We laugh louder and more often.  With the passing of time and the learning of faith we get less and less upset over things of increasing difficulty.  

We understand that the Bible warns that things in this world will get worse.  We work hard to make the world a better place, but we are always aware that we are just briefly passing through a temporary land.  While we weep over the degradation of our world we rejoice in our relationship with our Lord; we are people of an extreme range of emotions. We rejoice that we will enjoy heaven for eternity and sorrow at the reality of hell for our family, friends and neighbors who are facing an eternity in a devil's hell.  The joy of the Lord is our strength, yet we identify with Jesus weeping over Jerusalem.   

People of religion chant but have nothing to sing about.  We, as Christians, always sing, sometimes out loud but always in the heart.  At every crossroad in life, we feel the Spirit of God directing. At every sorrow we feel the drop of the Master's tear in our lives.  At every prayer where we tell our Father that we hurt, we hear the small still of God saying, "I know. I care. Trust me to work this out."  At every juncture where joy is ours, our Lord rejoices with us. 

Our blessing are great and our thankfulness to God a constant natural expression of our heart. Once a year, the world around us is invited to enter into a small portion of the thanksgiving that is ours every day and all day long.  They cannot celebrate our Jesus, but the refreshing rain that falls for the just also blesses the unjust.  They reap some of the physical blessings of God simply because they are near us.  We are thankful and indebted to God and we know it.  The lost around us are thankful and mostly unaware that they are indebted to us.  That is okay. 

It makes one feel like a prince or princess to be in the constant welcomed presence of the King of kings.  

We at PPSIMMONS hope you enjoy Jesus in this Thanksgiving season.  He is the reason for every season.  Celebrate. Worship. Enjoy. Give thanks.  

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