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Monday, November 3, 2014


The Middle East and the United States are filled with contradictions and those contradictions make it difficult to understand what is going on.   In the United States, we have a President who claims to be a Christian but wears a wedding ring with the inscription, "There is no God but Allah". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCAffMSWSzY.

Obama is President of the United States but not Constitutionally-qualified to be President.  Our Congress will not enforce the Constitution even thought they were elected to enforce it.  Our Republic is being run like a Dictatorship via a never-ending flood of illegal executive orders.   As a Muslim, Obama wants to promote Islam in the USA and around the world, but honoring (promoting, excusing, fostering) the political dictates of Islam provides aid and comfort to the enemies of America.  Our President is sworn to defend the Constitution, so he has to promote Islam carefully knowing that he has not yet completely destroyed the full powers of the Constitution.  Democrats are playing the race card at every opportunity in a country that is, mostly, post race-discriminatory. Democrats hope they can re-ignite strong discord between different groups of people and claim they are the non-prejudice group using the concept of "I told you so."    

The rich, who have built histories strongest economy from which we all enjoy the benefits, are enduing constant attacks by Obama and his administration.  Those attacks are designed to cause and are successfully causing economic failures nationwide.   Successful private enterprise is under government assault and being replaced by ineffective government policies and programs with the full knowledge that the government has never succeeded at organizing well anything but political campaigns. The government has declared American patriots to be potential enemies of the State even though we owe our freedoms to American patriots.  These are just some of the contradictions in our Country.  It is little wonder people are bewildered.  
Contradictions relative to the Middle East are many and make understanding the political climate of the Middle East difficult.  Those contradictions include:
ISIS is America's enemy and Obama's friend.   ISIS is an ally with Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia supports ISIS.  Saudi Arabia is Obama's friend because Obama is of the same mind as the King of Saudi Arabia that America should be a Muslim nation.  That is why Obama bows in submission to the King of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia should rule the world.  See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WlqW6UCeaY.

The strong ties today that keep the fire of terrorism at a high pitch in the Middle East and steadily rising around the world are between Saudi Arabia, Obama and ISIS.  

Since Saudi Arabia is not our declared enemy, Obama can support them in many ways, including bowing as an act of American submission to their King and get away with it.  (That bow means little or nothing to Americans, but it has a world of meaning to Muslims.)  ISIS is friends with Saudi Arabia because ISIS is doing the Koran-based dirty work.  Obama cannot use US Military power to defeat ISIS without offending his political and religious leader, the King of Saudi Arabia and harming their (Obama and the Saudi King's) mutually-admired current progress towards a Muslim-dominated world.    

However, Obama cannot ignore ISIS because they are making too much news.  Since ISIS is America's declared enemy, Obama cannot openly support ISIS because that would be a clear act of treason against the USA.  With the House of Representatives having a majority of Republicans and the Senate facing loss of majority by Democrats as a result of tomorrows election, articles of impeachment and/or charges of treason against Obama are possible realities Obama wants to avoid. So, Obama makes token attacks and token war-plans against ISIS for three main reasons and three minor reasons.

1.  Weak attacks against ISIS gives Obama plausible deniability that he is a traitor to the USA.
2.  Weak attacks against ISIS will slow down the progress of ISIS so they do not become front page news every day and awaken Americans'  to the real dangers before it is too late to defeat ISIS.  This allows ISIS to win at a slower rate, which is Saudi Arabia's and Obama's goal.  Those ISIS boys are out of control and Obama intends to "slow them down".  This is what Obama meant when he said America needs to "contain" ISIS.  He means "slow down".  When you really want win a war you stop the enemy, not slow them down so they win at a slower pace.  
3.  Obama wants Syria under the leadership of Muslim terrorists and not under the leadership of their President (Assad).  Muslim terrorists who are fighting Assad promise to fight ISIS if America would give them money, training and weapons. Stupidly, we are doing that. After those Muslim terrorists have taken Syria, the same Muslim terrorists have promised that America is next or soon-next.  
Since ISIS is the immediate and greater threat to the Middle East, Obama has convinced most Americans that the other Muslim terrorists (non-ISIS terrorists) in Syria will do our dirty work and fight ISIS if we give them money, training and weapons -- and later we can fight those same Muslim terrorists when the come for us.  The reason Americans are accepting this plan is that most Americans are more afraid of ISIS than the Muslim terrorists who are coming after us after we help them take Syria.  (Well, actually, most American's have no idea what is going on, but many of them that do know what is going on fear ISIS more than all other Muslim terrorists).  

However, Muslim terrorists fighting against Assad will not fight seriously against ISIS and everyone with at least a thimble full of knowledge about world current-events knows it.  (We have some pretty stupid people in Congress.  Some are just traitors.  A few are patriots, but vastly outnumbered.)  So, we are just arming, training and funding Muslim terrorist against Assad, who will then use our weapons, training and money to attack us.  In the meantime, ISIS continues their conquest, mostly unabated.

The MINOR REASONS Obama wants to have a token war with ISIS are:
1.  Do further damage to the economy of the USA. War is expensive.  
2.  Fight another war where America does not win, which will embolden ISIS and other Muslims in their conquest towards Israel and the USA.
3.  Further humiliate the members of the US Armed Forces on the world-stage.

Obviously, there is more to the Middle East Islamic-wars, but this is the skeleton of it.  The one major player and cause of the increased Muslim progress against the world is Obama.  The most powerful representative of the free world is Muslim.  That is the problem. Muslims holy writings encourage Muslims to lie, cheat, steal and even act like non-Muslims if doing these things further the Muslim take-over of other cultures. Americans do not understand these things and think Obama is a Christian because he says he is and because he does not act like most Muslims most of the time.  Therefore, Obama gets away with his cold-jihad (cold-war) against the USA and against the world.  Ignorance can have a high price.  The world is paying that price now. 

So, now you understand the problems in the Middle East.  This is part of Obama's promise to fundamentally change America (from a Christian-based nation to a Muslim-based nation).  That wedding ring on Obama's finger that states, "There is no God but Allah", along with Obama's statement that America will never go to war with Islam (Muslims) and his swoon over the beautiful sound in his ears of Muslims praying should tell us all we need to know.   

The fastest way to end the majority of this terror is for Republicans and Independents to vote for Republicans for the Senate tomorrow.  The future is not in the hands of the Democrats now. The future is in the voting power of Republicans.  

It used to be that our dependence on Saudi oil made us their servants. However, today we get 13% to 17% of our oil from Saudi Arabia, so there is no reason to kiss their feet any more and there has never been a reason to kiss Obama's ring.  

So, Republicans, go vote.  Your Republican vote will do more good than all of the Obama-directed bombs dropped far away from ISIS could ever do, mixed with an occasional hit for propaganda purposes.

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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