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Friday, November 28, 2014

Interstellar Movie and the Spirit of Nimrod

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By Mike Shoesmith

So I took my son to see the epic 3 hour flick "Interstellar" last night. Some people said it was "life changing" while others said it put them to sleep. Personally I came close to walking out after the second hour but I stuck with it. And boy, am I glad I did (he chuckled sarcastically). Part of me was happy I was comped the tickets. It's always difficult to reason the cost in one's mind for paying good money for torturous displays of atheistic eye-candy. That's right I said it, atheistic.

There wasn't a single mention of God (capital G) throughout though there was no end of the honorable mentions of god (small g). By god I mean the scientists at NASA who's purpose was to "save" all humanity. Like I said, atheistic eye-candy.

The earth is dying, the narrative goes. The film maker doesn't explicitly mention global warming as the cause so far as I could tell. It was just a fact. The nitrogen was increasing, feeding the blight, and the oxygen level was decreasing correspondingly. The only crop left was corn and that was only a generation away from collapse. Humanity had to find a way off the planet, and the welfare scientists at NASA were humanity's only remaining hope.

Spoiler alert!

So they recruit a pilot-engineer-farmer to head up a crew of astronauts to fly through a worm hole into another galaxy to investigate the findings of previous pioneers who had gone on ahead of them.

After bouncing around from one disaster to another the leading man directs his space craft into a black hole (after saving the damsel in distress of course). When the craft begins to break apart he ejects. Remember he's falling at a blistering speed into a black hole. After ejecting he continues falling, faster and faster into the black hole with nothing but a space suit on until he falls into a room. From this room he has access to the back side of his daughter's bedroom book case; a room he was in with her the day he left on his "trip."

If you listen closely you can actually hear the foundational laws of physics blowing it's rape whistle.

After the leading man saves humanity by communicating with his daughter through the space/time barrier he is thrust millions of lights years to Saturn where he is rescued by a space station his daughter helped build through the guidance of her dad from behind the book case.

He awakens in a bed, is worshiped for saving humanity, meets his daughter who is now over 100 years old, and goes back into space to be reunited with the damsel. The end.

Essentially there was a timing factor in play here. It's a little hazy but the plot seems to indicate that aliens set them up for a self-rescue. When the clock was running out on the earth the time was right to introduce some of the alien technology to the humans, which may have actually been humans who had evolved (yes there is lots of evo-talk in this one) the ability to utilize and perhaps dwell in more dimensions than we are currently able to experience. The aliens could manipulate time and space... err... at least I think that was the message.

Anyway, humanity was "saved" by their own wits with an assist from alien technology (worm holes and rooms inside black holes) which was able to create a view of the back side of a book shelf from which the leading man could communicate. Get it? Again, atheist eye-candy.

So, how are we doing from a real world perspective?

Nimrod was a "mighty Hunter before the Lord" (Gen 10:9). He had a vast kingdom which began in Babel. Beginning in chapter 11 we begin reading the story of how Nimrod and his posse built a "tower" designed to reach all the way up to heaven. The attempt at fulfilling this lofty goal would have ended when they reached the thin air obviously, depending on the structure of the human physique in those early days. The higher one goes the less the amount of oxygen in the air. Perhaps they had higher levels of red blood cells than modern humans which may have allowed them to go higher than we can. But eventually they would reach an inhabitable limit governed by the technology of the day.

Some have argued that their technology was far more advanced than we know. Personally I think that is possible though unlikely. The Bible very clearly mentions the material they used.

And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.
Genesis 11:3

Bricks and mortar, no matter how "throughly" they are burned, do not qualify as spaceship material.

On an interesting side note, a nuclear reactor was discovered in 1972 which was dated to be 2 billion years old. But I digress.

Throughout history man has been fascinated with space, the stars... the heavens. And for as long as man has been roaming the earth we have tried, failed, and tried again to reach them.  Our trips to the moon were brief and were still partly within the protective womb of the geomagnetic field. Partly. The brevity was essential to protecting the astronauts from the cosmic radiation which, as NASA and everyone else "in the know" knows, will kill off any chance of successfully inhabiting any other planet than ours. 

Back to Nimrod. He was a "mighty hunter" scripture says. The bow and arrow, a likely candidate for the weapon of the period, is very much like a mini-harpoon. When the European team of scientists set forth on their ten year journey to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with a probing device it carried with it three separate mechanisms to secure itself to the comet surface. It had three pads at the bottom of each of the three legs. Each pad had screws designed to fasten the pad to the surface. Voila! To keep the unit on the surface of the comet while the screws do their thing the probe was equipped with a thruster on the top which would engage and force the unit to the surface. But most importantly, for this article anyway, there was a harpoon; a powerful one.

The hunt continues. Like Nimrod, man is still acting like mighty hunters with their harpoons or modern hi-tech multi-billion dollar bows and arrows trying to unlock the mysteries of earth, to find out where we come from.

The Bible said it thousands of years ago and modern science confirms it. We are an earth-locked creature dependent upon the protection offered by our conveniently perfect geomagnetic field. And when we take a sobering look at the failures of man we can't help wondering, is God doing to us what He did to the infamous Tower of Babel all those years ago? What are the odds of all three probe securing devices failing? Seriously! The thing bounces off the comet and winds up resting precariously on two pads on the edge of a cliff in a shadow and goes dead after two days?

Somebody had to ask.

The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.
Psalms 115:16

In spite of the billions of dollars spent and many lives lost mankind will not stop. The inexhaustible drive to find our creator will not be quenched. Thankfully the search will some day end. Because the creator will come to us. He will return to His creation to reclaim it, once and for all. When the lease is up the rightful property owner is coming back. Are you ready?

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