Zev Porat

Monday, November 24, 2014

It’s come to this: Time to impeach ‘Emperor Obama’

President Barack Obama is in open defiance of the U.S. Constitution.
This week, in an address to the nation, he announced he is granting relief from deportation to approximately 4 to 5 million illegal immigrants. He is doing this, even though he has said, in numerous speeches since he assumed office in 2008, that he does not have the constitutional authority to transgress or alter current immigration laws. He is now governing by diktat, acting outside of the law, overriding the separation of powers and our system of checks and balances. His action is unprecedented in American history, launching us into a full-fledged constitutional crisis.


There is only one response commensurate with this brazen power grab: impeachment.
Republican leaders such as House Speaker John Boehner issue press releases referring to a “lawless” president, an “Emperor Obama.” Boehner said during a press conference in response to executive amnesty that “all options are on the table.” Yet, he is too cowardly to utter the one key word that could put teeth into his threats: impeachment. The Speaker’s position is untenable. If a president who acts like an emperor is not impeachable, then who is?

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  1. Arpaio was on the Colmes show-he practically had an open mike-Arpaio danced around even the forged birth certficates-making us all fools-by what Arpaio said -ie-I cant get into it-as if to say-his experts were not good enough-that some other investigation had to be made to have probable cause-as far as Im now concernd-Arpaio-has said the Birth Certificates have not been proven to be forged-as of this Colmes interview.