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Sunday, November 23, 2014


After a study of the Koran and the writings of Muhammad, I have come to the conclusion that if the Muslims had a manifesto (an official published deceleration of intent), it would contain only five points; two goals and three methods to reach those goals. In order to understand their manifesto, there are three facts that are absolutely necessary to grasp.

1.  Muslim is not a nationality but the title of a person who adopts the many written political doctrines and the few religious doctrines of Islam just in the same way that Christian is not a nation, but a title for those who adopt the doctrinal teaching of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, a person who says he or she is a Christian but also states that he or she rejects the doctrinal teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, is NOT a Christian. In like manner, a person who says he or she is a Muslim but does not adopt the political teachings of Islam is NOT a Muslim.  Every faith system has hypocrites.  When you say Islamic that is the same thing as saying Muslim. They are the same thing. 

2.  Islam is mostly about conquering lands and establishing Muslim politics, laws and culture and very little about religion.  Their religion is their front for their political drive for world (land and culture) conquest in the same way that some dating services are fronts for prostitution ventures and in the same way some business are fronts for the mob through which they launder money.  The religious part of Islam is the smoke and mirrors.  The political part of Islam is the real Islam.  Islam is not a place but a systematic application of ideas and ideals, just like Democracy is not a place but a systematic application of ideas and ideals.    

3.  All real (faithful) Muslims have the same mindset; you are their prey.  All faithful Muslims are nice to you for the same reason a pedophile is nice to a child, for the same reason a con-artist is nice to his mark, for the same reason a sociopath is nice to his prey and for the same reason fishermen cover their hooks with bait.  In every instance, there is a hoped for benefit to the aggressor to be attractive to his prey. It is mandatory to understand that you are the prey!  Until the title "Muslim" sickens you like the title pedophile, rapist, murderer, Nazi, Communist and/or bestiality, you do not understand Islam or Muslims.  The bait of political Islam is religious Islam.  Most people take the bait.  The question is, will you?  All Islam is predatory. All faithful Muslims are predators. The radical Muslims hunt and kill non-Muslims.  The non-radical Muslims rejoice in the destruction caused by radical Muslims. There is no other kind of real Muslims.  

Muslims have two goals and three methods of reaching those goals. Everything they do and say is designed to promote those two goals.  The goals come directly from their holy writings which have been around for 1,400 years.  Anyone can read them, who wants to read them.  There is one absolute truth; no one who reads the Koran, the writings of Muhammad or knows history can honestly deny these two goals or these three methods.    You do not have to take my word for these things. If you can read and reason, you will find all of these things true.

I am not a Muslim (Islamic). I am writing the Muslim Manifesto from the perspective of an Islamic (Muslim). 


As a faithful Muslim operating in accord with the clear written commands of Islam, I commit to the following:

1.  The world-wide spread of Islam to replace all other faiths, political and legal systems, and cultures.

2.  To support and/or engage in the unrelenting persecution of all non-Muslims whenever Muslims are able to inflict persecution with a reasonable degree of success.


1.  I will lie about the two goals noted above at every opportunity that advances these goals by keeping the non-Muslim as ignorant as possible for as long as possible regarding our goals.

2.  I will use peaceful means (manipulate the laws, threats, complaints, lies, kindness, friendships) to bring about the two goals whenever we are politically or militarily weak.  

3.  I will use violent (bloodshed, war) means and/or support those who use violence, to bring about these goals whenever we are politically or militarily strong.

This is the third in the series of Understanding Islam. To read Part 2, go to: http://www.ppsimmons.blogspot.com/2014/11/understanding-islam-part-two-islams.html

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else. 

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