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Saturday, November 8, 2014

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM, Part Two: Islam's Core Creed

Summary of this Article for the busy person:  For the faithful Muslim, you have two options:  Conversion to Islam or persecution.  The choice is yours.

"Every single day there is a headline that forces the Muslim individual to choose between his conscience and his creed. The Muslim world is on fire and those fanning the fire are using your core creed. With every atrocity they commit they remind the Muslim of his commitment to submit to Allah.  Will you submit actively or passively or will you finally stand up to Allah?" 
Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 9/15/14   

The above paragraph are the closing comments from a speech delivered to packed seating of 300 at Yale University 9/15/14. (Many turned away due to lack of seating.)   Ms. Ali lives under constant death threats from Muslims because of her outspoken rejection of Islam and Allah.  Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEP_22dIUM8.

The core creed of Islam is that all people who do not convert to Islam (the politics and religion of Muslims) deserve to be and should be tortured, raped, punished, persecuted, enslaved, taxed into abject poverty and/or murdered.  This is not the vocal position of just a few Muslims or the political position of violent Muslims.  This is the core creed of Islam written into their holy writings, which according to Muslims are perfect and unchangeable.  Therefore, there is no such thing as reforming or changing Islam's laws of jihad and social/political conquest of all lands and people any more than a person can change or reform the 10 Commandments of the Bible.  A person can decide to follow or disobey; those are the only two options.   "Disobey Allah" is what Ms. Ali means by "stand up to Allah." 

Every adult Muslim knows the goal of Islam is world conquest by any means.  Every one of them! Muslim world-conquest is the biggest part and most well-known component of being a Muslim. Islam or death is the primary focus of their holy writings. It cannot be missed. That is why Islam openly declares they will rule the world -- including you and yours!  There is not one devout Muslim who disagrees.  No, not one!  Some will lie and say they disagree because their holy writings tell them to lie about it, but a lie is not the truth.  

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.
For more about Ms. Ali, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayaan_Hirsi_Ali

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