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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bill Nye Embarrasses Himself... AGAIN! Attacks Evangelicals With NONSENSE!

The biggest danger creationism plays, according to Bill Nye the "Science Guy," is that it is raising a generation of children who "can't think" and who "will not be able to participate in the future in same way" as those who are taught evolution.

Speaking on MidPoint, Nye said he blames an older generation of evangelicals "who have very strong conservative views" and who are "reluctant to let kids learn about evolution." Their presence on school boards leads to debates over curriculum, Nye argued, which further inhibits schools' ability to teach facts.

Truthfully, evangelicals who believe in creationism do not deny any of the real science, including "evolution" in its truest sense, that being, change over time. Creationists simply take the evidence on its face value and accept the facts without all that presuppositional atheism.

We agree that speciation happens and that there is evidence for it. We also know that these changes are limited to the gametic barriers which have not been shown to bow to the desires of those who wish it to be true that fish turned into people; the very essence of deep-time atheistic "evolution."

"They will not have this fundamental idea that you can question things, that you can think critically, that you can use skeptical thought to learn about nature," Nye told MidPoint. "These children have to suppress everything that they can see in nature to try to get a world view that's compatible with the adults in who they trust and rely on for sustenance."

Nye is anything but favorable toward questioning "things." As Christian parents we are constantly pointing out the wonders of the natural world to our children. We show them the complexity and the adaptive abilities of the biological machines we interact with daily. However, we do not blindly follow the sometimes incomprehensible claims of the atheist community which oftentimes deny the clear evidence right in front of their faces, that is, that everything reproduces according to its own kind.
Flowers and elephants are 'for' the same thing as everything else in the living kingdoms, for spreading Duplicate Me programs written in DNA language. Flowers are for spreading copies of instructions for making more flowers. Elephants are for spreading copies of instructions for making more elephants.
Richard Dawkins - Climbing Mount Improbable
Honestly I couldn't have said it better myself. Dawkins, a militant atheist, admitted that on his own website. And it really is true, according to the observable evidence; that elephants and flowers produce, through the coded instructions in DNA language, copies for making more of the same. And as creationists we simply accept the evidence. We know that everything produces according to its own kind. It just happens to be a rather comforting coincidence that the Bible says exactly that and the evidence, seemingly more and more, backs up the validity of scripture in stunning detail.

Honestly, we are still waiting for sound proof that deep-time fish-to-men evolution really is, or even did, happen. And no, showing us that bacteria turns into bacteria is not evidence that fish turned into people. Sorry.

Dr. Stuart Burgess—Biomimetics, Engineering: "Biblical creationists make great scientists!"

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