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Monday, December 1, 2014

Eric Holder Attempts Mass Brainwashing from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta

photo: Huffington Post
By Mike Shoesmith

WASHINGTON -- The problems put on display after the death of Michael Brown in the small St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, in August "are truly national in scope and that threaten the entire nation," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a speech on Monday.
Holder, speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, said the nation needs to confront the broken relationship between many law enforcement agencies and the communities that they are supposed to serve.
"Broadly speaking, without mutual understanding between citizens -- whose rights must be respected -- and law enforcement officers -- who make tremendous and often-unheralded personal sacrifices every day to preserve public safety -- there can be no meaningful progress," Holder said in prepared remarks. "Our police officers cannot be seen as an occupying force disconnected from the communities they serve. Bonds that have been broken must be restored. Bonds that never existed must now be created."
 In his speech on Monday, Holder said that the "overall system of justice must be strengthened and made more fair" to ensure faith in the justice system.
"Without that deserved faith, without that reasoned belief, there can be no justice. This is not an unreasonable desire -- it is a fundamental American right enshrined in our founding documents," Holder said.
Calling 18-year-old Brown's death a "tragedy," Holder said it "sparked a significant national conversation about the need to ensure confidence in the law enforcement and criminal justice processes" and exposed rifts that "must be addressed -- by all Americans -- in a constructive manner."
Made more fair? Here's a prediction: St Louis will become like Detroit. White flight will drive non-blacks out because the system is bent toward pandering to the lowest common denominator for the sake of political expediency instead of using common sense ideas like returning to the family structure and holding people of all races accountable - including black people. Michael Brown is the product of a rap culture which glorifies hooliganism and Obama-phone freebie welfare voter slavery.
"Never allow a crisis to go to waste" - Rahm Emanuel

Mountain meet molehill. The simple fact here is that a criminal thug was confronted by a police officer, he attacked the officer and lethal force was required to subdue him. Color is only a factor in this because the race baiting media whores and political hacks are making hay out of a tragic situation brought on by a culture of gangsterism (seen in video evidence), poor parenting (exemplified by Brown's stepfather), and the like. The big picture "sin" of all this is that this people group (I hesitate to use the word 'race' because we are all members of the human race) fought so hard to become participants in the American experience and yet they moan and cry when expected to obey the rule of law required by everyone else.

Quite simply put, the answer here is not "progress" as Holder suggests or "change" as Obama opines but the answer is to go back to the basics. Husbands loving their wives sacrificially, thereby loving their children, sacrificially. The answer is wives honoring their husbands from the first "I do" to the last breath. The answer is teaching children that family unity matters and police officers are not the enemy. The answer must include bankrupting the gangbangers by just saying no to the drugs and angry so-called "music" which steers hormone-raging teenagers off the proverbial cliff.

Below is a video of Eric Holder explaining the tactics which would be used to get federal involvement in local and state issues like gun control. The chief of these: brainwashing. Hear him say it in his own words below.

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  1. I thought this thug, Eric Hold-Up, was leaving office. What's taking so long?