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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Liberal-Fascists and Islamo-Fascists: Fascist Birds of a Feather: Naturally They Stick Together. By Chris Farrell


Consider the lunacy of the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa, the illegal Resident of America's White House, sending musician James Taylor to France as some sort of a booby-prize to a personal appearance by Jamie Foxx's 'lord and savior,' he himself, Barack Obama.

Delusional Liberal-fascists always turn to nonsensical theatrical productions in place of any substantive action because they have no way of asserting a morally justifiable position from whence to proceed against anything at all, most especially against 'Bath House Barry's' beloved Islamo-fascism, because moral relativity is the cornerstone to the religion of  Liberalism's delusional so-called 'Progressive' worldview.

If Liberal-fascists, that is to say Liberal-socialists, (and ALL Socialism is National Socialism..., yes, as in 'NAZI'), or 'Progressives' attempt to make a stand against anything--to call anything at all morally evil--they cannot escape the logical conviction of their obvious hypocrisy in their breaking the 'golden rule' of moral relativism: The religion of Liberalism's perversion of the concept of 'Tolerance.'

Everything is to be tolerated by Liberal-fascim, that is to say Liberalism, or Progressivism, except the assertion that there exists absolute Truth.

Liberal-fascists blindfold their own eyes and tie their own hands from being able to responsibly address Islamo-fascism appropriately just as they do with every other evil present in this world.., that's right 'EVIL.' as in identified as such by the Authority on what is good and what is evil: The Word of God, such as for example the sin of homosexuality, or the abhorrent practice of murdering unborn children.

The problem that Liberal-fascists present to the free, non-Islamo-fascist world is that they tie the hands of the peoples of many nations in which their worldview constructed upon moral relativism has come to dominate including 'Eurabia' and now the United States of America from being able to effectively wield the appropriate weapons against the advance of the multi-dimensional Islamo-fascist strategy of Civilization Jihad.

Think about it: We in the U.S.A. have a cable television station which goes by the name 'Al Jazeera.' Do you really think that America's greatest generation, many of whom laid down their lives in France for the God-endowed unalienable right to life and to liberty, would have allowed those who embrace a National Socialist worldview, that's 'NAZI', to launch a television station called 'Al NAZEERA' in their day?' Hitler and Goebbles would have loved that! Je suis Legionnaire de 1er Classe Foster, James: Deserter.

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