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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Bones of Jesus Found?

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The lost tomb of Jesus? 

First three paragraphs of a U.K Independent article dated April 7, 2015

A geologist in Jerusalem claims to have found “virtually unequivocal evidence” that could reopen the controversy over the final resting place of Jesus Christ.

Dr Aryeh Shimron says he has carried out new tests that suggest it is more likely the Talpiot Tomb, a burial site found in East Jerusalem in 1980, was a family grave for Jesus of Nazareth, his wife Mary Magdalene and his son Judah.

Dubbed “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” in a 2007 documentary movie directed by James Cameron, the chamber contained nine burial boxes or “ossuaries” inscribed with the names “Jesus son of Joseph”, “Mary” and other names associated with the New Testament.


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Kloner: A great story, but nonsense
By DAVID HOROVITZ      2-27-2007
A Jerusalem University professor and archeologist who oversaw the work at Talpiot says:
Bar-Ilan University Prof. Amos Kloner, the Jerusalem District archeologist who oversaw the archeological work at the Talpiot tomb when it was discovered during construction in 1980.

What do you make of the assertion that Jesus and his family were buried there?
It makes a great story for a TV film. But it's completely impossible. It's nonsense. There is no likelihood that Jesus and his relatives had a family tomb. They were a Galilee family with no ties in Jerusalem. The Talpiot tomb belonged to a middle class family from the 1st century CE.

But there is apparently such a coincidence of related names.
The name "Jesus son of Joseph" has been found on three or four ossuaries. These are common names. There were huge headlines in the 1940s surrounding another Jesus ossuary, cited as the first evidence of Christianity. There was another Jesus tomb. Months later it was dismissed. Give me scientific evidence, and I'll grapple with it. But this is manufactured.

What of the assertion that the 10th ossuary disappeared from your care and may be none other than the "James" ossuary?
Nothing has disappeared. The 10th ossuary was on my list. The measurements were not the same (as the James ossuary). It was plain (it had no inscription). We had no room under our roofs for all the ossuaries, so unmarked ones were sometimes kept in the courtyard (of the Rockefeller Museum). 


'Jesus Tomb' Headlines of New Scientific Evidence Surrounding Jesus' Family Burial Spot Are Sensationalist, Says Biblical Archaeology Expert
By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter
April 9, 2015

A biblical archeology expert has said that the latest headlines of supposed new scientific evidence surrounding the Talpiot Tomb, a burial spot in East Jerusalem claimed by some to have once contained the remains of Jesus Christ and his family, are sensationalist and do not hold up to scrutiny.

"I have been to the Talpiot Tomb and interviewed one of the archaeologists who excavated it in 1980. There is no evidence that Jesus or his family members were buried there, certainly not his supposed wife and son. Those behind this latest announcement traffic in sensationalism, not archaeology," Scott Stripling, the chair of the Humanities and Foreign Language Department at Wharton County Junior College, and adjunct professor at Belhaven University (biblical archaeology and English) and The Bible Seminary (church history), told The Christian Post in a statement on Wednesday.

(Prepared by Pastor Carl Gallups in 2007 when this issue was in the headline news and the subject of a movie by James Cameron - now updated with the above 2015 article as well.)

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