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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Would YOU Attend A "Gay Wedding?"

A Biblical world view - or a politically correct worldview? Which do YOU have?

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PNN Exclusive: 

While Republican Rick Santorum, a few days ago, declared on the Hugh Hewitt radio program that he would not attend a gay wedding, Republican  Marco Rubio said in a recent interview that he would attend a same-sex wedding if he was close to the couple.

The Washington Post reports Univision’s Jorge Ramos asked Rubio if he would attend a gay wedding. The Republican candidate responded, "If it's somebody in my life that I care for, of course I would.”
With presidential hopefuls scrambling to make a statement concerning the new phenomenon of celebration in America, homosexual marriage - PNN thought it would be interesting to get an answer from someone who comes from a distinctly biblical worldview in this matter.

We interviewed Pastor and best selling author, Carl Gallups. Gallups is also the founder of PNN and often contributes videos and interviews to the PNN News and Ministry Network.  Following are his statements and offerings of biblical insight concerning this flashpoint issue.



CARL GALLUPS:  I WOULD NOT ... (and here is why)

PNN asked Pastor Carl Gallups if he would attend a gay wedding in light of Marco Rubio's recent statement that he "would" do so.

Gallups said,  "I know that Rubio's answer is the mainstream and politically correct answer. At first glance it appears to be an answer based upon 'love.' Who wouldn't like an an answer based upon love?"

Gallups continued, "However, I would not attend a homosexual wedding. In my opinion, to do so would lend validation to one of the most dysfunctional and disconnected statements about marriage, home, and family on the planet. When one attends a wedding, the implied statement for most people is: I support this couple. I support this marriage. I support what is happening here today. I am here as a witness to this event because I support what is happening here. Attending a wedding is a powerful statement about your condoning of the specific happening being celebrated by that gathering and that event. I am not prepared to make a statement like that ."  

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Gallups says, "THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE ..."

Gallups further elucidated "Now  - this principle is different than, say, attending a funeral, or birthday party, graduation, or some other gathering that denotes a "love" for that person as an individual. One's presence at such an event is not necessarily a condoning of that person's lifestyle simply by your presence. Your attendance in these cases truly can be a statement of love or caring for that person rather than a validation of the lifestyle choice itself. I have actually preached the funeral of a homosexual man at his request and with the blessings of the family. I never supported his lifestyle, and he knew it, but I cared for the man as a person and constantly displayed the love of Christ towards him. There is a big difference between a homosexual wedding and an event that is simply about your caring for that particular person."

"A wedding, however," Gallups said, "is a direct statement of lifestyle and your view of society's foundation - it is a lifestyle that flies in the face of the Word of God, the entirety of human history, physiology, human reproduction, man-woman relationships, CDC statistics on the spread of disease, etc. Again, I cannot validate that relationship - so, no, I would not attend a homosexual wedding - even if it was that of someone in my family or some other person about whom I cared deeply."

PNN asked Gallups, "What do you think Jesus would do in this case?"

Gallups responded, "The cliche 'What would Jesus do?' is sometimes a useful tool for making tough decisions. I prefer to ask, 'What did Jesus SAY?' or 'What DID Jesus DO?' or "What does the Bible clearly DECLARE about this issue?'  Usually, these type questions remove all 'speculations' regarding 'what Jesus might or might not do.'"

"In this case," Gallups continued, "the matter is pretty clear. There is not one statement of support for homosexuality or homosexual marriage anywhere in the Word of God - not one. Homosexuality is not celebrated in God's Word, instead it is condemned as a 'perversion' in both the Old and New Testaments. Jesus did not condone homosexuality, rather he said that the judgment that happened at Sodom and Gomorrah was a statement to the world about the judgment that would come upon the wicked world system in the last days (See Luke 17 for starters). There really is no biblically contextual 'wiggle room' on this matter. I come from a biblical worldview - that is where I will stand unashamedly. I would not attend a homosexual wedding."

Carl Gallups' website

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  1. Spot on pastor Gallups! Thank you for your balanced and biblical stand on this issue! SHARING!

  2. linked and shared!

  3. I agree completely, Carl. I would not under any circumstances attend a same-sex wedding regardless of how much I cared for one or both of the parties involved. Nor would I vote for a presidential candidate who would attend a same-sex wedding.