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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Fall of America - Has it Begun?

By Mike Shoesmith

I know, I know! I've heard the arguments from every side. Some say the fall of America began in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. And there might be some truth to that. Others say the fall of America began in 1920 when women were given the vote. And there might be some truth to that also given that women are, though valuable contributors to society of course, oftentimes subject to the natural emotional ups and downs associated with, well, womanhood. Personally I disagree with this attitude as long as men kept up their end of it all, that being, when two baby boys are fascinated with each other's privates in a bath tub it may be cute but when they get older someone needs to tell them to "GROW UP AND ACT LIKE A MAN!" The metaphor is obvious.

Power sharing between the sexes would be good if the men could resist pandering to the "hear me roar" crowd and hiding in the corner. So what I guess I'm trying to say is it wasn't so much that women were given the vote, which was right. It was that men stopped being men, which was wrong. After all, when the dust finally settled it was Ahab who got received the bulk of the blame, even for the actions of his wife, Jezebel.

But I am not referring to the gradual cancerous effects of poor governing. I'm talking about the here and now; the existential realities our time in today's headlines.

US war ships are running away from Iranian Navy ships and US citizens are are being attacked by Muslim terrorists on US soil with more promised to come. Is the most powerful country on earth, or perhaps ever, now a vulnerable target for those who want nothing more than to see her destruction?

There have been reports of Muslim infiltration at the border with Mexico for months now. Add to that the home-grown radicalization efforts through internet sites and prisons and there seems to be little doubt that the US is in deep trouble.

The response?

The Obama administration is catering to the Muslims who have expressed their desire to see America's downfall while disrespecting our friends abroad (Israel et al). They launch lawsuits against law enforcement officers like Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona who enforce immigration laws and they welcome known terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House.

While mocking the Christian Bible and Holy Days Obama sings the praises of the Muslim religion and their prophet.

And now?

ISIS is inside America, shooting at American citizens and making credible threats against the entire country. Civil unrest has placed a stranglehold on the nation and the economy is circling the drain.

All of this has been foretold. Thousands of years ago the Bible told us that a country with the eagle as its national symbol would come from a country with the lion as it's national symbol. Eventually this nation would lose its influence and a One World Government would form, without the eagle.

Is this the moment the Bible has been warning us about? Is Barack Hussein Obama the conduit for endtime prophecy? Has the fall of America truly begun? Boots on the ground and all?

Mike Shoesmith is the Executive Director for the PNN Network. 
He can be reached via ppsimmons@live.com.

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