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Saturday, June 13, 2015


What is the major difference in the philosophy of the Nazi's, the Ku Klux Klan and Islam?  Some of their targets (hated groups of people) are different but that is not their major difference.  Nazi's hated and persecuted Jews (primarily, but also other groups). The target of the KKK are black people.   According to Islam, the people born for destruction are all non-Muslims.  Other than the target groups being identified a little differently (although there is some overlap), the hate that the Nazi's, the KKK and Islam has is identical.  

The major difference between these three hate groups is the Nazi's did not categorize themselves as a religion.   Because the Nazi's did not call themselves a religion (or religious) they could not disguise their hate as a religious privilege in the minds of people who think hate is a "religious freedom."  The Nazi's were judged by society solely as a social and political movement.  

The KKK tried to disguise their hate of blacks as Christian in nature, but Christians and the Republican Party (http://www.history.com/topics/ku-klux-klan) rejected that position with loud words and consistent action, so the KKK was unsuccessful in gaining widespread sympathy for their hate of blacks.  Their attempt to shroud their hate in religious tones failed from the beginning.  Since they do not have "freedom of religion" to excuse their sin, the KKK is a rejected philosophy of hate by civil society.    

However, Muslims have a book that has some religious concepts.  Muslims bow in a prayer position and speak into the air as if talking to a god.  Also, unlike the KKK or Nazi's, Muslims have religious strength that calls many Muslims into a dedication to their hate-crimes that is stronger than their will to live.   This triad of imitation of a religion (a religious book, prayer and a dedication unto their hate that is stronger than the will to live) has allowed them to successfully pass off their hate as a religion.  In the name of "religious freedom" they propagate the same brand of hate towards their social and political enemies as did the Nazi's and the Klan.   However, Muslims were not and the KKK is not allowed freedoms to actively and/or passively persecute their social and political enemies. 

It took World War II to stop the Nazi's.  It took the churches and the Republican Party to destroy the mounting power of the Klan. Before Obama became the occupier of the White House only the threat of American and Israeli intervention kept Muslims from exerting their hate in an open, constant and unchallenged manner.  Now that it is widely known that Obama is a Muslim and/or a Muslim sympathizer and Congress lacks the will and wisdom to act against Obama, Israel stands alone as the viable power against the militant progress of Muslims.  Recent revelations have supported the fact that many have known for a long time, that the Obama-Hillary Administration has and is actively supporting Muslims in their world conquest.  
Muslims who actively persecute their social and political enemies are called "extremists" because they carry out the dictates of the Koran towards non-Muslims.  Muslims who passively carry out the dictates of the Koran towards non-Muslims are called "good Muslims."  They are called "good" because they are not actively persecuting non-Muslims and because a mental and emotional hatred of others is a political and religious right, even if it is a moral wrong. 

The most vial of Muslims attack all that are not part of their particular brand of Islam or their specialized hate mindset, including other Muslims.  Uninformed people think that Muslim on Muslim violence makes null and void the Koran's command to destroy non-Muslims.  It does not. If two Klan members get in a fight and one kills the other, that does not mean black people are no longer the primary target of the Klan.  Muslim on Muslim violence does not eradicate the Koran's religious mandate for the destruction of all non-Muslims. 

The Muslim who kills non-Muslims is the faithful Muslim. The Muslim who kills other Muslims is the extremist. 

When the KKK tried to pass off their hate of black people as a religious right, the Christian community denounced that position on moral grounds  and the KKK lost their bid for social tolerance of their hate-crimes against blacks.  So, the strength of defending blacks against the KKK was and is the open, total and unwavering rejection of Christians towards the KKK's claim that their hate of blacks is based in Christianity.  

For the Muslims who actively carry out the hate dictates of their so-called religion, the Muslim community is silent except for an occasional squeak of protest specifically designed to give the impression to the masses that there is hope that the whole Muslim community may one day protest real Islam in the same way that Christians protested the false claim of the Klan that hatred of blacks was Christ-based.  That will not happen because the Islamic hate for non-Muslims is Mohammad-based.   The occasional squeak of Muslim protest is a political tactic to pacify and quiet the masses so real Islam (active destruction of non-Muslims and non-Muslim culture) can continue to prosper under the guise of a religion.  Muslims are commanded to lie if the lie furthers their political goals. 

The Nazi's were unable to gain world-wide religious support for their hate because they did not try very hard. I am aware that some historians report the Nazi's were religion-based, but even if they were it was a weak, isolated, fading and failed attempt. The Klan was unable to gain world-wide support for their hate because Christians openly, actively, constantly and completely rejected being identified with the Klan.  Muslim who kill in the name of their god and in compliance with their book are able to gain support for their hate because Muslims who do not kill in the name of their god and in compliance with their book do not reject their co-Muslims who do the killing. 

I served in Viet Nam in a non-combat position.  I worked with the 7th Air Force Inspector General' s Office. My job was to help resolve the complaints of (mostly) non-commissioned officers who served in the field of battle. My service to the fighting men allowed those men to be more successful on the field of battle.

For every combatant on land, air or sea, it takes about 10 non-combatants to support that one.  A fighting force needs back-up support to succeed.  

Before I served in Nam, I served stateside in Supply. My job was to make sure that those who kept coastal aircraft mission ready had everything they needed to do their job in time of war.  My unit also served as a radio relay outfit between the front lines and headquarters.  Before that, I worked in Security Police Pass and ID.  My job was to ensure that only those authorized to be on a military installation had the ID to pass through military checkpoints and to, sometimes, stand guard all night with M-16 in hand protecting an aircraft with precious cargo or that was cleared and ready to fly on mission early the next morning. 

All three positions (7th AF IG Office, Supply and Security Police) were essential assignments for the success of our military combatants.  I never fired a gun in combat, never flew a combat mission and never participated in a recon effort. Still, without my service and the similar service of non-combat personnel, no war is won and no military can be maintained. I was, however, a military man and I was militant.  Had I been called on to give my life for my Country, I would have done so.

Without the quiet and constant support of the non-combatant Muslims, the wholesale killing by Islamic-combatants is unsustainable. 

All Muslims are like all Nazi's and all Klan members; they are enemies of civil society because they all support their cause with hate crimes; some actively and some behind-the-scenes. Without the behind-the-scenes support of so-called) "good" Muslims Islam would fail, as has the Klan and Nazi Germany. 

Every Muslim is an enemy of civil society.  That is not prejudice. That is military fact. The only "good" Muslim is a former Muslim (excluding, of course, ignorant and stupid Muslims).  As in all political movements, there is a very small percentage of the uninformed, ill-informed (ignorant) as well as those who lack the ability to think for themselves (stupid).  The only "good" Muslim are the ignorant and stupid Muslims. The rest are your enemy if you are a moral member of civil society.  The person who is not aware of this is ignorant.  The person who cannot grasp this reality is stupid.  Both are dangerous.
"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."  ―  Martin Luther King Jr.  This is true for ignorant and stupid Muslims and this is true for those who are ignorant about or cannot grasp the major religious, political and social goal of Islam, which is your death. 

joda collins  
Rev. Joda Collins

Disclaimer:  I make no claim that my opinions are shared by anyone else.

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