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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pastor Carl Gallups calls for SANCTUARY CITIES! Gay Marriage and Abortion FREE!

PNN News and Ministry Network 

Exclusive interview with Pastor Carl Gallups 
(Carl Gallups is the Founder of PNN, as well as a best selling author, radio talk show host, and long time senior pastor)

"We need sanctuary cities for unborn human children and for biblical marriage relationships - and we need them now! The government has given the green light by saying it will not enforce federal law for illegal immigration sanctuary cities.  I am absolutely serious about this! Here is an opportunity for the church and communities to actually DO something about the atrocities that are sweeping our nation. You are no longer helpless if you will take this seriously." (Gallups)


DHS says it cannot force sanctuary city compliance


"Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson insisted Tuesday that his department can't force sanctuary cities to comply with federal requests to detain illegal immigrants.."

"Although DHS previously deemed fugitive aliens to be a priority for removal, under Secretary Johnson's guidelines, these aliens are no longer a priority if they were issued a removal order before Jan. 1, 2014," Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., charged in his opening statement. "This means that DHS is disregarding removal orders that have already been issued, and wasting the millions of taxpayer dollars spent to obtain the orders."

Pastor Carl Gallups has a big idea. Gallups told PNN, "Since the DHS (federal government) has already said that it cannot (will not) enforce federal laws concerning illegal immigration and put a stop to so-called 'sanctuary cities' (a major illegal accomplice to illegal immigration), I think it is high time we develop a few other sanctuary city scenarios."

Gallups continued, "Why don't we make certain cities a sanctuary for one man/one woman marriages? Why don't we say in THIS city (or county, or state) we will practice only historical, natural, biblical marriage relationships? If the federal government will blatantly allow cities to break the law concerning illegal immigration and thus allow them to harbor federal lawbreakers (which happens to be politically expedient for the current administration), why not just break the 'law' concerning marriage as well?  I wonder if we have any so-called conservative city, county, and state leaders with the same 'guts' that the liberal politicians have in the illegal immigrant sanctuary cities? I wonder if we have any who would say the same thing to the federal government in the case of the very foundation of human existence - the proper definition of marriage?"

Gallups further posited to PNN, "And while we're at it, why don't we go all the way and declare certain areas of the nation to be 'sanctuaries' for the unborn children who are still in their mother's wombs? Don't we provide 'sanctuary areas' for turtles eggs (those are 'wombs' for the unborn turtles) and eagle's nests and eggs?  Don't we provide all manner of 'sanctuary areas' for a myriad of wildlife?  Are we really going to say in America that a turtle in the womb (egg) of its mother is infinitely more valuable than a human child in the womb of its mother?"

Pastor Gallups apparently is very serious about his proposal. There was no apparent indication of sarcasm in his voice or in the passionate expression of his ideas during this interview.

Gallups told PNN, "Of course I am serious about this. I just wonder if we have the politicians and community leaders and pastors who have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to an insane government that has been given over to a depraved mind?  Our founding fathers had to do it - and they were willing to sacrifice their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to do so. In so doing, they gave us over 200 years of unprecedented freedoms, security, economic prosperity, world influence, and the ability to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  If they could do that, why can't WE simply do what the liberal cities are doing with their 'sanctuary city' concepts for illegals?" 

Gallups continued, "The government has said they will not force those cities to comply with federal law - so why don't we do the same thing with life for the unborn child and for the foundation of human existence?  It seems absurd to me that certain areas of our country have not already thought of this and are not already implementing it. I know that I, and millions of other Americans, would stand by them and support them - with our lives if necessary."

Carl Gallups on the Jim Bakker Show
 Gallups concluded, "I understand that there are legal intricacies and complex considerations in the immigration matter. I am not pretending to be a legal expert in these matters. However, I do know that for a city to say that we will 'harbor' people who have flagrantly violated federal immigration laws - and for the federal government, (constitutionally bound to protect our borders and border laws) to wink at those 'sanctuary' cities and say 'we are not going to force you to quit aiding and abetting in federal crimes,'   - then we either need to demand the elimination of the 'sanctuary cities,' or we need to establish some new ones to protect those people and institutions that are truly deserving of our protection ... namely human life and real marriages."

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