Zev Porat

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

'MICHELLE PLANS POST-WHITE HOUSE LIFE WITHOUT BARACK' Ed Klein: Envisions future with 'best friend and confidant Valerie Jarrett'

(EDWARD KLEIN) There’s been a lot of talk lately about Barack Obama’s ambitious plans for his post-presidency—a $1 billion fundraising goal to build a presidential library in Chicago and launch a global foundation.
But missing from all this talk are the plans being hatched by Michelle Obama. Significantly, her plans don’t include her husband.
For a while, the first lady played with the idea of running for the Illinois Senate seat now occupied by Republican Mark Kirk, who was hobbled by a 2012 stroke and recently fell during a vote on the Senate floor. But she has since all but dismissed this idea.
Instead, ED KLEIN CONFIDENTIAL has learned that Michelle has decided to carve out a post-White House life for herself that will be separate and independent from her husband’s.

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