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Monday, August 31, 2015

Notes from the Wilderness: American Expats in Panama

by Jonathan Israel

Hello faith people! Blessings from Central America, where my wife and I now reside. This is our latest stop as we journey to the city whose builder and maker is the Lord, Hebrews 11:10. In these regularly posted "Notes From the Wilderness" you will hopefully glean first hand practical info that is important to all who are led by the Holy Spirit to leave the US in faith and obedience.

We have recently celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary here in Panama, and my wife and I are so very happy to be out of the nation that attacks our Savior's covenant of marriage, His covenant land of Israel, covenant word (Bible) and covenant people in exponentially greater ways with each passing year. Regrettably, the evil takeover in America is going to get terribly worse.

It's so vexing for us having to pay taxes to such an evil empire! Not only does the US policy in the Middle East result in a widening stream of the blood of Christian martyrs, things are waxing worse on the home-front as the USA is no longer content to merely sanction the murder of baby, in and out of the matrix of it's mother, they now openly sell baby body parts in the process. Pure evil! Wake up, my brothers and sisters! (see Ezekiel 9:4)

Meanwhile, we're adjusting to our new home in exile, as judgment escalates in America and will intensify as the land mourns the loss of crops, livestock and human life, Ezekiel 14:13. Get ready for very high food prices and prayerfully consider the nuclear war headed your way.

Scoping out the land…

In the short time we've been here, we have met so many people from America. Our first impression is that most strive to be sociable, friendly and helpful. We have also met some very friendly locals including a young Panamanian who told us "the American church is asleep". We were surprised to hear such a statement of insight from someone so young (about 20 years old) with a Latino accent and a very limited English vocabulary. But then again he was not doped up on American prosperity and success as much of Americanized Christianity still is. But a time of sobriety is just around the corner as Abba is now drying up the "green tree", Ezekiel 17:24.

It's not Heaven on earth here either…

Since our arrival, one short month ago, we've learned much about our new home. Sadly, Americanized Christianity is already here plying its "prosperity and success" gospel and a mix of MLM (multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme).

Most of the expat "Christians" we've met have only arrived in just the last 10 months. Interestingly, many have come down in just the last 8 weeks, and most of these 'newbys' are afraid of some hyped ominous event of doom coming this fall to America, and I don't think they're talking about the new television line-up. They're not exactly sure what's coming, though it has to do with America and finances above all. Most of these newbys will likely return to the US once they see it's not the end of the world.

Honestly, it's unclear to me based on my Scriptural dependence and reliance on the Holy Spirit why they are running in fear. Aside from Bible prophecy revealing the future fall of the USA as the world marketplace and its eventual demise, the US/UN has plans to divide the Lord's holy and covenanted land of Israel this fall, which is the most imminent event I can personally see that relates to Bible prophecy.

Christianity has been invaded by strangers…

During our first week in Panama, we were visiting a backyard "Christian" church attended by about 25 expats, when a woman came out of the house, stood up in front of the group and began expounding on the wealth secrets of actors and actresses. After declaring that "Rockefeller" was the richest man to ever live, not Solomon as Scripture declares, she asked the group if anyone wanted to know the financial secrets of worldly entertainers. She then quickly told us the answer before we could refuse her worldly wisdom, "they are givers," she proudly affirmed.

The wannabe woman teacher at the podium boldly promised that we could all have that kind of personal wealth actors and actresses have if we would only learn to give like them. Of course, she then shared Bible verses instructing us to give to orphans and widows, merely prepping the crowd for the offering she was about to collect in her very own backyard "church" meeting, she facilitates with her highly touted Christian businessman husband.

Well, my wife and I have already been set free from America's greedy Babylonian influenced churches, so we simply got up and walked out. After all, the Bible warns about such people who fleece the flock for filthy lucre; 2 Peter 2:18, "For they mouth empty, boastful words and, by appealing to the lustful desires of the flesh, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error."

It did not take us long to learn how small our expat community really is, as gossip quickly spread that my wife and I are rude and unloving for having walked out on the disorder and false prosperity doctrine taught in the local so-called "Christian" ministry.

But you will meet all kinds here. One man from that group insisted that the Lord's name was both Jehovah and Yahweh, which are two vain attempts to pronounce the same tetragrammaton symbol, YHVH, the unpronounceable letters used in the Old Testament to identify the Lord before His name was revealed. And when I explained that the Lord's name has now been revealed to us as Jesus in English or Yahshuah in Hebrew, I was accused by the Jehovah/Yahweh guy of being a member of a Kabala cult. Well, all glory to Yahshua! It is an honor to suffer persecution for His name in any language. (Acts 5:41, John 17:11, Philippians 2:5-10)

Unless the Lord builds His house…

Two weeks ago we decided to join several new American friends and visit a small congregation that honors the Lord's fourth commandment. Interestingly, there were 20 of us in attendance and discovered it was the groups very first meeting. This past week we visited for a second time and there 31 were in attendance. I'm not a numbers guy, since the Lord promises to be wherever two or more are gathered in His name; however, it was nice to see the Holy Spirit do the marketing and building at such a rapid pace.

Those in attendance were mostly recent American expats from a variety of Christian and Messianic backgrounds, so there is much "iron sharpening iron" going on. As many of our homes require an alignment with the godly order of our Heavenly Father, so too this congregation, being in infancy, needs much grace and patience searching out the Scriptural order of the Lord.

The group, operating Scripturally with the Lord Jesus as the head and the believers as co-workers and fellow laborers (Matthew 23:8-11), was discussing several of Moses' laws, so I shared the following Bible Scriptures revealing a largely disregarded New Testament law, 1 Corinthians 14:34-37, when some in the group became agitated, hurling veiled and unveiled insults. Although some others later came to me privately expressing gratitude for my boldness for reading one of the Bible Scriptures that most American Christians have ignored since the days of woman's lib.

I explained that, unlike Americanized Christianity, the Lord does not have gender identity confusion, as His word clearly reveals female roles and male roles. It's unfortunate commentary that Americanized Christianity has exported their gender confusion to the secular community, where public schools now also teach little children the same "new age church" doctrine; that gender does not matter because it's only important how you feel inside, not how you were created.

Meanwhile, we remain prayerful and hopeful that Abba can work with our small remnant to eventually help establish His word, will and ways here in our community as we work to help build this corner of His spiritual house (Ephesians 2:19-22, 1 Peter 2:5).

Opportunities for work outside of the USA…

Panama's Friendly Nation Visa is one of the easiest ways to obtain residency and work visas outside of the USA. Of course, Panama as well as a plethora of other countries, allow you to visit for up to 2 years on a tourist visa before you are required to obtain permanent resident status.

There are plenty of online jobs for expats here in Panama, as well as contract work for those who have business development skills, web build experience, programming and code writing, English writers or editing experience, telephone sales ability, customer service background or any experience working remote. Since we've arrived here, I have quickly received several offers to work remote.

A recent survey reveals an increase of remote jobs and predicts 60% of office based employees will work remote by 2022. Presently, the nation of Panama does not tax your earnings from online remote work that pays you in non-Panamanian dollars.

If you're an investor, you may easily start a business of your choosing in many areas but not limited to technical support, building/construction, farming, restaurant business, manufacturing or any industry that your research identifies a demand that you're willing and able to meet.

Lord willing, for those considering leaving the US, I will post regular notes from the wilderness, which will include more insightful details of the every day life of an American expat in Panama. In the next post I plan to share info regarding housing and the cost of living. Meanwhile, fight the good fight and keep the faith of Jesus (Yahshua) our Messiah.

Bible prophecy in the news revealing the truth, prepared by editor@ConnectionMagazine.org to help explain the end times, last days revelation and prophecy in the news that is beginning to happen all across the United States of America and around the world. Those who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, confessing and forsaking their sins, will be forgiven. Rom. 10, & 1 John 1

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  1. So is he implying that the "Christians" that are moving out of the way of the United States judgement aren't Christians??
    He seems to think everything's just going to be ok
    Don't know if I agree with that
    I pray he's right tho for my children but there needs to be a wake up in the church and Idk if that's going to happen without a big wake up call from God personally. Our country is falling apart
    Most of the article was good don't get me wrong but I think he down play the seriousness of what's happening