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Saturday, September 26, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins

In the minds of most people a Christian is someone who identifies with many socially and politically-accepted Christian principles, not someone who is directly identified with the Bible.  For example, the Bible states to attend worship regularly.  Seventy-one percent of Americans say they are Christian but only about 20% of Americans attend church regularly.  Do you see the disconnect between those who say they are Christians and the dictates of the Word of God?
If you tell someone you "believe the Bible," they are confused.  If you say you "have a biblical-world-view," some are amazed.  That is because there are many professing Christians who reject biblical principles that are in violation of their personal opinions.  So, society does not see a professing Christian as someone who is a strong Bible-believer. 
Adding to the confusion, Obama claims to be a Christian while promoting Islam in the USA and around the world.  The former first lady, Laura Bush, claims to be a Christian, but thinks homosexuality, homosexual marriage and abortion are good things.  Many churches in America are now accepting the politically-correct position of pronouncing a godly blessing on homosexual marriages and remaining silent not only about abortion but about Planned Parenthood selling babies in pieces.  Can you see the disconnection between the way most people analyze the title of Christian and what that title is supposed to represent?
It should be no surprise that people do not think Muslims believe the Koran or do not believe Muslims are Islamists!
Everyone knows, thanks to the Internet, that Islam is a sick-despicable political system and a sick-despicable religion.  However, what everyone does not know is that Muslim and Islam are synonymous.  Muslim is not a nationality. Muslim is not a country.  Muslim is the title for those who are Koran-believers and Koran-believers are called Islamic's.  How does a person from any culture and of any nationality become a Muslim?  He or she vows unwavering commitment to the Koran (or Muhammad, the author of the Koran) and the god of the Koran (Allah, another name for Satan).  Those who vow unwavering commitment to the Koran (Muhammad and Satan) have, by that act, joined the religion of Islam.  They are Muslims. They are Islamists.  The Koran calls for the torture and/or murder of those who have not vowed unwavering commitment to the Koran. That is YOU and your family. 
The people most of us know who call themselves Christians pick and choose the parts of the Bible they believe.  They do this because they have subjected the Word of God to their standard of right and wrong.  When you say "Muslim" most think of people who, like most Christians they know are decent religious people who are not strongly devoted to their religious book when their religious book in in violation of their personal opinions. However, when you say "Islamists," people think of the Koran which is a sick, sadistic book that only a sociopath or psychopath would honor.  If you want the message that Muslims are mentally-deranged people to resonate with non-Muslims, stop saying Muslim and say Islamists because everyone knows that a person who is a Koran-believer is a sadistic sociopath or psychopath. 
Try this in your life and see if it does not make a difference.  Never say Muslim again.  Say, Islamic or Islamist.  Or, at least, never use the word Muslim in sentence without adding the word Islam, Islamic or Islamists to that sentence.
It makes a difference what words we use.  Baby-killers call a child, "tissue."  They call murder, "a woman's right to choose."  Sexual perverts call sodomy, child rape and bestiality, love.  They do this to distance themselves from their evil.  Muslims use the word Muslim to distance themselves from their lifestyle of lies and the horrible acts of violence, rape, murder, torture and social upheaval their Islamic religion demands of them.  Do not fall for their word games.  Call them what they are. They are Islamists.  Link them with their disgusting unholy book, the Koran.  Then, people who hear you will have an accurate mental image of those vile creatures whose lives have the stench of Hell.  Nearly everyone knows that the religious book for Islamists is the Koran.  Link the world Muslim to Islam so that Muslims are rightly understood:  Muslim = Koran = Islam = Satanic/Sadistic People.
King David wrote that he hated those who hated God (Psalms 139:21).   David said to hate the enemies of God.  Jesus said to love your enemies (Matthew 5:44).   It is safe to say that we should love those who hate us but do not hate God, but hate those who hate God.  It is about time we declared war on those who have already declared war on us.  Or, are you like Obama who said, "We (the USA) will never be at war with (defend ourselves against) Islam." Parenthesis mine.  http://www.newsweek.com/watch-president-obama-speaks-pentagon-about-isis-350625.
Let one of those degenerates say they are Muslim and "not a follower of Islam." They won't. They can't. Why? Because they aren't.  The punishment for apostasy from Islam is death  (http://www.answering-islam.org/Silas/apostasy.htm). Expose their evil with their own word -- Islam (Islamic/Islamist).  
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.


  1. I prefer the word "MOSLEM." It's grammatically correct, too.

  2. If I understand the etymology of the word Moslem it was introduced in the 1600’s by those who hated Islam as a way of describing the evil actions of those who openly practiced the vile parts of their politics/religion. It was intended as an insult by good people against bad people. (The root word for Moslem derived from the Arabic word for evil-doers.)

    The followers of Islam, somewhere along the line, changed Moslem to the word to Muslim (which has its etymology as a god-follower).

    To the best of my knowledge neither the word Muslim or Moslem appear in the sick-book (Koran).

    The word “Muslim” is the chosen word for most of those who practice Islam, not just the most evil among those who practice Islam.

    Since my charge is against all who accept the sick-book as their religious book and not just against those who are the vilest practitioners of Islam, my choice of word is Muslim.

    I am not trying to identify the worst of Islamics as evil (Moslems), but all of Islam as evil, thus, Muslims.

    However, you are right; Muslims are evil.

    My point is that by using the word Muslim, my charge against Islam extends to both the historic Moslems and the modern Muslim.

    I am also aware that some would charge that my use of the world Islamics and my spelling of the sick-book (Koran) could be debated. I have little interest in going there.

    I am also aware that somewhere there is someone who calls himself a Muslim who is not evil, in just the same way there are those who call themselves Christian who are evil. Generally speaking, however, those who call themselves Christian are not evil and those who call themselves Muslims are evil. There is always the exception to the rule. However, the exception to the rule is not the standard; otherwise the exception to the rule would be the rule and not the exception. I don’t want to go there either.

    Islam is wicked. Those who claim to practice Islam call themselves Muslim. Thus, my choice of using the word Muslim targets the enemy in exactly the way I intend.

    Thank you, however, for you input. You have a valid point. Your point, however, detracts from mine.

    A comment regarding the content of the article would be more valuable than any preference of grammar.

    Just to be clear, however, Muslim is not incorrect grammar.

    The word Moslem does make a statement to the most aware that the word Muslim does not and if that is your point, it is a good one.

    Rev. Joda Collins.

  3. Christians? just turn on the TV and watch all the so called counterfeits claiming Jesus as lord. They've ruined the name Christian and are probably anything but. More like crooks. I now choose to call myself a believer.And Jesus is the WAY. According to scripture. I know my lord and know his voice. I know what it is to respect and fear my lord and to respond with praise to his touch. I know I can trust him in all that he might call me to do. Where do the true believers go to church? probably little home groups here and there. That's probably where a lot of new churches get started today. That's where a lot of confusion get started to 501c3 or not to 501c3 NOT!!!! oh Jesus we desperately need your help for satan has invaded the church, the money changers and game show host. Father if I'm seeing in error please bring correction amen!