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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mocking God and Worthy of Death

Obedience is evidence of love.  Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments."  Jesus did not say, "If you love me keep the Ten Commandments." Certainly, Jesus' commandments include the Ten Commandments.  However, Jesus' statement about showing our love for him goes beyond the Ten Commandments to keeping the dictates of and implied by his words. It is proper to expand the statement to include the entirety of the Word of God.  If we love Jesus we will be positive towards keeping and honoring the Ten Commandments, the words of Jesus (as revealed in the Scripture) and the entirety of the Word of God.                 
While it is impossible to keep (do) perfectly and for a lifetime all the precepts and dictates of the Word of God, it is possible and easy to agree with the Word of God.  Agreeing with the Word of God is one of the pillars of repentance and re-dedication.  If we do not agree with the Word of God, we will find no reason to change or even attempt to change our behavior or thought patterns to line up with the Word of God.
I was watching a television program this evening in which a character, whose faith is Catholic, has a conversation which turned into a confrontation with a Catholic priest regarding homosexuality.  The actor plays a highly public figure that made a public comment that he felt the Catholic church was "behind-the-times on the matter of homosexuality."   Confronted by his priest about that comment, the actor reiterated that he felt homosexuality was acceptable.  The story continued with this man being visited by a Catholic nun who revealed to him that she gave up her homosexual relationship in order to become a nun, but agreed that the Catholic church was wrong when it came to standing against homosexuality   The nun smiled with deviant-glee; her smile intended to imply she had faith the Catholic church would someday change with her, the public figure and others on the inside of the Catholic church devoted to change.  His smile, followed hers by several seconds and was forced and a sign of his inner-conflict (because he was in violation of his Church doctrine) and shock at the hypocrisy of the nun.         
The male actor plays a part of a heterosexual man.  The female actor (the nun) played the part of a sexually inactive homosexual.  I am aware I was watching actors. I am also aware that the script was designed to promote homosexuality.  The writers of the script are pro-homosexuality and the two actors play the part representing the millions of heterosexuals and sexually inactive homosexuals who support/promote homosexuality.          
The Bible states that people in both camps are unworthy of having the person, power, presence or blessings of Jesus Christ in their lives.  Jesus said, "He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." Matthew 10:37.  
Obedience is proof of love. The Word of God is anti-homosexuality.  The person who is pro-homosexuality does not love God and is unworthy of Jesus, including being unworthy of being called a Christian.   That is the judgment of God.  
To openly promote, protect, support or defend homosexuality is to openly disrespect the Lord Jesus Christ, to openly proclaim a non-love relationship with Jesus, and to openly announce that Jesus considers that person unworthy.  "Unworthy" comes from the word "worth."  Worth is a designation of value.  Unworthy is a designation of no value.  No value is another way of saying worthless.  The person who is pro-homosexuality is worthless to the kingdom of God . That is just the way it is and no amount of disagreement can change that and no amount of protest can convince the honest person otherwise. 
Beyond this, those who approve of homosexuality are unworthy of living.  "...degrading passions...women (with women)...and men with men (Romans 1:26 -27)....Those who practice (homosexuality)...are worthy of death... (as are) they...who give...approval to those who practice (homosexuality).... (Romans1:32).... (Those who disagree are) liars.... (Romans 3:4)." Parenthesis mine.                
If you are pro-homosexuality you are mocking God, and those who mock God are living dangerous lives.  (Galatians 6:7).   
Obedience to the Word of God proves love. Rejection of the Word of God proves a lot, also.  Where do you stand on the biblical doctrine of homosexuality?  Are you pro-Christ or anti-Christ? 
joda collins 
Rev. Joda Collins
Disclaimer:  I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my views or opinions. 

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