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Monday, September 21, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins
There is a long-standing, widely-accepted and highly-proven Bible study tool honored by almost every theologian in the world. It is call The Law of First Mention or The Authority of First Mention  (http://www.biblicalresearch.info/page56.html).   Like all laws, the basic principle is easy.  The Law (Authority) of First Mention is, mostly, about the book of Genesis.   
The word genesis means beginnings and implies the first of things.   Genesis records a series of firsts.  The first animal, the first man, the first relationship between God and man, the first woman, the first relationship between man and animal, the first relationship between man and woman, the first relationship between a husband and a wife, the first lie, the first attack upon humanity by Satan, the first justification, the first sin, the first rainfall and so on.                       
Part of the concept is that when God created the world and everything in it, he did so with perfection and/or with a perfect expression of his will. Therefore, when God created something or constituted something such as the role of animals compared to man (man having the predominance) and the role of women compared to men (men have the leadership role) these constituted realities represented the perfect will of God. 
It is Satan's desire to dismantle the perfect will of God and replace it with a counterfeit which usually starts with a mild deviation from God's perfect will and ends with a complete reversal of God's will.  It often starts with a claim for equality which has as its goal a position of superiority.  For example, Satan's originally stated goal was that he wanted to be equal with God (Isaiah 14:14). In the book of Revelation we see that in the end times, Satan (through the embodiment of the Anti-Christ) claims to be superior to God (Revelation 3:4-6, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 and  Daniel 11:36-37).  All Christians know that Satan's attack on our lives is to make Satan our lord instead of Jesus as Lord of our lives.  It is not about equality. Equality is the route to superiority.

I have done a lot of marriage counseling through the years. In most cases (not all), the husband and wife sit before me and I hear some form of charge from the wife that there is not equality in their marriage.  This lack of equality is the reason for their marriage difficulties according to the wife and, according to the wife, the husband is responsible for the lack of equality.  In every instance (100% of the time), when inequality is the wife's charge, when that charge for lack of equality is taken to the logical end, it puts the wife as the head of the house and the authority over the husband, which is the goal of Satan and the goal of the wife. 

In the beginning, God created the man. After the creation of man, God created the woman and presented her to the man as his helper -- not his equal in authority nor his supervisor.  Following this God-created order, God pronounced them husband and wife.  A woman is not in submission to the man because she is a wife.  Women are in submission to men because God created them women not because a woman becomes a wife.   The Apostle Paul notes this reality in 1 Timothy 2:13, 1 Corinthians 11:7-14, and 14:33-38.  Sin did not enter the world until Adam partook of the forbidden fruit (Romans 5:12).  Eve's knowledge of sin/evil did not exist until after Adam ate (Genesis 3:7).  The experienced Bible student can see the implications of God-ordained male-leadership in these truths.  
The original (first, genesis) order of society was patriarchal.  Patriarchal means the father is the head of the home and that has implications in society that men ruled the political aspects of the larger community.  In a patriarchal society men do not rule their homes and then vacate their responsibilities of ruler-ship to their wives, daughters or other women in the larger social setting.  I once talk with a woman who was the pastor of a church. Her husband was the piano player. After the service, I asked her about her role as a pastor and a wife. She told me that in the confines of their home, her husband was the authority, but once they stepped into the church building she was his authority.  He was seated at the piano listening. I look at him and he lowered his head in shame and embarrassment, as well he should.   Their lives were perverted.
Conservative Christians often herald conservative theology until conservative theology conflicts with their personal opinion or personal comfort zone.  For example, former first lady Laura Bush is considered by many to be a conservative Christian, but believes homosexuality, homosexual marriage and abortion are righteous actions (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/laura-bush-supports-gay-marriage-abortion/story?id=10629213).  She may be a conservative Christian in all areas but these three, but in these three areas she calls God a liar.  I am not sure if she, actually, qualifies as a conservative Christian.  My point is that is is hypocritical to claim that God's Word is trustworthy as long as we agree. Think on this as you continue to read. 

Isaiah 3:12-13 speaks of God's disgust for a society ruled by women and/or children; a violation of the Law (Authority) of First Mention as it relates to Genesis. 
In a patriarchal society women do not vote nor hold public office.  Those things represent a violation of the biblical Law (Authority) of First Mention and, according to Isaiah, are a reflection of the spiritual decline of a society.  In a study of the life of Debra we learn that the role of a woman in leadership over men is intended to be an open rebuke by God of that society.  (For more about his reality see http://www.lulu.com/shop/joda-collins/does-god-call-women-to-lead-men-when-women-lead-men-leave/ebook/product-17499047.html). 
One of the marks of the spiritual decline of America from the creative standard of God is the rise of women in leadership over our Country which started with women given voting power (Nineteenth amendment to the Constitution, 1920).  This, was a call for "political equality."  Then, women began to call for political equality everywhere, including Congress. 
Now, we have two women seeking the presidency, the highest and most powerful political office in America. 
You see, the woman's demand for equality with the man is always the pathway to the ultimate goal of seeking the highest authority over men in exactly the same way that Satan's call for equality is a masquerade for the ultimate demand for superiority. 
God's first order for society was male-led. God's first order for the home was father-led. The Jewish nation followed God order in the beginning. The New Testament order was father-led for the home and male-led for society.  America (the Constitution) was founded on the principle of the biblical Law (Authority) of first Mention; that is, political society ruled by men only. That is why it took a Constitutional Amendment to allow women to vote!  America has moved away from God's standard and we wonder why the blessings of God are fading in our Country.  There are a lot of reasons. This is one.  Are we so far astray we cannot come back to God's standard and his blessings?  Probably so, but I hope not. The answer to that question is found in how conservative Christians respond to God's will for a father-led home and a male-led society.  What is your response?
Of course, I am open to the charge of being conservative according to liberals, old fashioned according to New Age, out of touch with reality by those out of touch with the Bible, and a male-chauvinist by feminists.  Actually, I am all of those things except the latter.  I am a conservative, negative towards the New Age movement, seek not to have anything to do with things in violation of the Bible and I am old-fashioned. Let me tell you how really old-fashioned I am.  I have a biblical world-view. The Bible is an old book.  

My position seems far-fetched in 2015, I know.  However, for those considering the 19th Amendment to the Constitution nearly 100 years ago, moving away from the male-led biblical standard for the political-rule of society was far-fetched.  We are now so far away from the biblical norm we see women seeking to rule society and society numb to the negative spiritual realities of a female-led society.  Like a frog in slowly heated water, we are unaware that we are in an area of spiritual danger.  I say again, Conservative Christians often herald conservative theology until conservative theology conflicts with their personal opinion or personal comfort zone. What say you?

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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