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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Viral article deals major blow to atheism

Atheists are a proud lot and they are con men. 

So it brings me great pleasure to tell you about an article on atheism that so thoroughly tears down atheist falsehoods that not one blade of grass is left standing in the atheist field. We're talking about a scorched earth policy when it comes to refuting atheism.

If this article was a boxing match, the referee would have stopped the fight. The article lands one devastating blow against atheism after another in rapid succession.  And the article never lets up.

When it's not providing strong arguments against atheism or debunking atheist claims, it is revealing embarrassing revelations about the atheist population or prominent atheists.  And when I say embarrassing revelations, I mean it. After a closet atheist reads this critique of atheism, he is going to want to stay in the closet or convert to Christianity.

This refutation of atheism uses the physical sciences, logic, history, and the social sciences to show that no self-respecting person can claim that they are atheists for intellectual reasons.

Did you know that a leading historian on death by governmental violence, Dr. R.J. Rummel, said that communism (which denied the existence of God), was responsible for the death of somewhere between 40,000,000 to 259,000,000 people? The mid estimate is that atheistic communism caused about 110,0000,000 deaths.

And when you're finished with this rebuttal of  atheism, you will see that atheists and agnostics played leading roles in some of the most depraved acts and movements in history - abortion, social Darwinism, child pornography,  NAMBLA, and homosexual activism. And I am just giving you the highlights.

Read this article on atheism. It will strengthen your Christian convictions. And share the article with your friends and family.  You'll see that if you're going to have doubts about anything, you should start by having doubts about atheism.

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