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Friday, September 11, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins
Islam is the political movement of Muslims designed to take over the entire world landmass, economy and culture by any means (peaceful, terrorism, lies, half-lies, threats, murder, torture, etc) no matter how long it takes.   As a cover for their political agenda they have a religion.   The Muslims' Trojan horse is their religion. Muslims use fear as a motivation for cowards to submit.  This is why many informed Democrats (and others just as cowardly) do not stand against the spread of Islam.  
Today, the naive and/or uninformed call Muslims who are devoted to taking over the world via peaceful methods while secretly or openly supporting Muslim terrorists/sadists "non-radical",  and Muslims who are devoted to taking over the world via terrorism/savagery "radicals".       
Muslims use political plants (infiltrators) to further Islam behind the scenes, using threats, lies and half-truths, until they get sufficient power and then aggressively promote Islam.  I call your attention to the current appointed White House Staff (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/02/04/muslims-infiltrate-the-white-house-me-included.html ). 
Muslims launder their political agenda through their religion. This helps them promote their political agenda among the ignorant, under the guise of religious freedom.  Of course, some people who accept Islam and promote the spread of Islam are just stupid people.  There is no hope or help for the stupid.  (Stupid people are those who are intellectually unable to comprehend what most people grasp intuitively.  Being stupid is not their fault.  Stupid people are often nothing more than blind followers of the most powerful forces in their lives.  I am not using the word "stupid" as a slur, but in the clinical sense -- low I.Q..  These people are stupefied by realities others easily and rightly analyze.)
Islam and Muslim are synonyms.  The god of religious Islam is Satan.  The spiritual beings of religious Islam are demonic beings.  The political force behind political Islam is Satan.  The spiritual beings of political Islam are demonic beings.  Because Islam is fostered by demonic forces, some people are duped by those demonic forces to accept or not stand against Islam.   All participants of Islam are lead by evil beings in the spirit realm; some knowingly and some unknowingly.
Why doesn't God do something about Islam?  He has.  God has two directives on how to deal with Islam. One is political and one is spiritual.
God's political agenda for dealing with (ending) Islam is, "And God blessed them, and said unto them...subdue (control) it (the earth): and have dominion (control) over...fish...foul...and every living thing...upon the earth."   Genesis 1:28.  (Parenthesis mine.)   God assigned mankind to control all living things on earth in accord with His will, including politicians and Muslims.  Islam succeeds because mankind has failed to do the will of God in the social and political arenas.   I know you do not have control over the entire world, but you have some control over your personal world (sphere of influence).  To welcome and tolerate Muslims into your world is to welcome and tolerate Islam in your sphere of influence.   To tolerate (speak well of and/or not condemn in the strongest terms) Muslims and/or Islam is to fail to do the will of God to be in godly control of the part of the world God is holding you responsible for.  
God's religious (faith) agenda for dealing (ending) Islam is the spread of Christianity into all realms of human existence and activity, including the political world and the Muslim world. That explains the satanic mantra of "separation of Church (Christianity) and State" while Muslims and Islamic proponents champion their political and religious agenda of Islam.                         
Six things have to happen before we can deal successfully with Islam or expect God to intervene with great power against Islam.   
1.  We have to understand that Islam is a political system wrapped in religious language not a religion with political implications as secondary issues.             
2.  We have to understand that all Islam is radical (war against all other societies). 
3.  We must grasp that "Islam" and "Muslim" are synonymous terms; no one can be positive towards one without supporting the other. 
4.  We have to know and act like all Muslims are our political enemies because they are! 
5.  In order to get rid of Islam we have to get rid of Muslims because Muslims are infected with Islam and Islam is deadly to all civilized societies. The best way to get rid of Muslims is to see them converted to Christ but that is not the only way. We must expose them for what they are; our enemies. We must educate the ignorant and expose, challenge and chastise enemy sympathizers.  The Jews who tolerated and/or spoke well of the Nazi's (out of fear or ignorance)  soon learned the error of their ways.
6.  Christianity (Christ) must be promoted in individual lives (including yours!) and in society because only the direct power of God can stand successfully against the direct power of Satan.   Make no mistake about it, Islam is the direct power of Satan.  Muslims are the tools of Islam (Satan).
Are you in line with and doing all of the above?   No?  Then, you are part of the Islamic problem.  Yes?  Then you are part of the war against Islam.  We are at war against Islam and Muslims because Islam and Muslims are at war against us.  Some of it is cold war and some it is hot war, but it is all war.
This is the will of God regarding Islam.  This is YOUR job!  Your failure to do these six things is why Islam succeeds.  Do not blame God for your failure.  Most of the time, God does his best for us after we have done the will of God.  It is ludicrous to expect God to intervene on our behalf if we do not attempt to find and do the will of God first.  God's blessing and power follow obedience.  His blessing and power are not replacements for disobedience.
Am I promoting hate?  You tell me.  King David wrote that he hated those who hated God.  (Psalms 139:21).  I am, undoubtedly, promoting action that others will call hateful.  If you call defending yourself, your Country and your family from those who have declared war on you and want you dead, -- "hateful", then so be it.  You and I have a different definition of hate.                       
Do think I am being harsh?  Think again. Turn on your TV and view the news on the Internet.  What you see from Islam is what is harsh.           
It could be that life as we know it is coming to an end and the biblical period of time known as the Tribulation is near.  If this is the situation, no amount of devotion to Christ and biblical principles will change divinely-appointed evils.  However, before we rest in that reality we (Christians) better be absolutely sure we have done all God requires of each generation to promote Christ for He is the only solution to successfully overcoming evil.             
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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