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Saturday, October 10, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins 
The devil wants to break (destroy) devoted Christians.  It hard to break something bound strong with three cords.  Here are three really good cords.
Cord #1: Be a team player. 
God honors teamwork. God mandates teamwork in the home (Genesis 2:18), church (Romans 15:5-6), workplace (Luke 16:1-8), society (Nehemiah 4:6) and heaven (Genesis 1:26).  God honors godly team-players with His strength and His presence.  Having God's abiding presence and His power are critical keys to overcoming demonic forces.   
If you are part of a godly team or group, do all within your power to foster unity in the team/group. If you are upset about anything and when trying to explain why you are upset the word "I" is used without the word "we" or "us," you are probably wrong in your assessment.  Do not do what you are thinking about if your actions will upset the unity or peace of the team.  Protect the unity of the team.  Constantly tell yourself,  "The team is more about we than me."  Until your idea can be presented in good conscience using the words "we" and/or "our" and never just "I," you probably do not have a good idea not a justification for being as upset as you are. 
Cord #2:  Make other people successful.
Would you like to be somebody for God? Would you like to be great among other greats in the spiritual realm? Would you like to make a difference with your life that continues long after you are gone?   "It will take another world to tell who the great people are."  Adrian Rogers. Would you like to hear Jesus say to you, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant"?  Whether you are leading or following, make other people successful by helping them fulfill their dreams. That is biblical.  "Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor."  1 Corinthians 10:24. 
Every spiritual giant in the Bible was devoted to the welfare of others.  Every spiritual giant you know is devoted to the welfare of others.  When a Christian links with God to benefit others in the name of Jesus, God has a vested interest in your success and you can count on Him to protect his vested interests from the Enemy. 

Cord #3:  Live by The Golden Rule.
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  (Like 6:31.)  It is THE Golden Rule because it works like gold. Teamwork, leadership, follow-ship, home-life, church-life, business-life, social-life -- everything, is learning how to apply The Golden Rule in various and ever-changing situations. When you fail, seek the person's or group's forgiveness, and do better next time.   
The Golden Rule encompasses 50% of the Lord's summary of His expectations of us.  Matthew 22:39.  Obedience always brings God's strength to overcome the enemy.

A number of years ago, I was a custodian at a large church. My pastor once told me that he could always find me. He said that all he had to do was walk around the facility and move in the direction of the singing.  My wife is deaf.  I am self-employed and work from my home office.  We live in relatively large home. When my wife wants to find me in the house she goes to the piano or the office. Usually, I am working or singing. And, when I am working, I am often singing. I have lived inside a song for a very long time. My three-fold cord works for me.  It is a formula that will work for you because it is biblical.  God honors His Word.   The devil wants to break us.  It hard to break something bound strong with three cords.  Here are three good ones. Once devoted to Christ, devote yourself to:
    1.  Being a team player.
    2.  Making others successful.
    3.  Living by The Golden Rule.
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Rev. Joda Collins

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