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Friday, October 30, 2015


By Rev. Joda Collins
The history of gun confiscation is settled history.  The first step is to blame guns rather than blaming the shooter for any misuse.
Why do Democrats not blame cars for people killed by car drivers, knives for people killed by knife users, wood for people killed with sticks/clubs, spoons and forks for people killed by obesity, sugar for those who die of diabetes, and water for people who drown?  It is because cars, knives, sticks, spoons, forks, sugar, and water cannot be used as a successful defense against the guns of government employees sent to kill you.  The reason for the 2nd Amendment (gun ownership) is for the people to protect themselves against an aggressive government. 
After blaming guns for deaths caused by shooters, then comes gun registration and then, once the government knows who owns guns, comes gun confiscation.  What follows is government persecution of the government-selected group or groups.  This is not speculation.  This is settled history. History repeats itself if we let it.
The Obama Administration has already proven over-and-over that the Constitution of the United States means nothing to them.  Obama and Congressional Democrats have violated the Constitution whenever they felt they could get away with doing so.  Beyond rhetoric and a few token actions, Congressional Republicans have allowed the Democrats to get away with it.  As long as Obama is in the Oval Office the Constitution is not worth the paper it is written on.  Amendments to the Constitution are worth less.  Now that Obama has led the way in how to best destroy the Constitution, any Democrat that follows him as President will follow in Obama's footsteps. 
The Democrats have already made it a clear fact that they want to override your right to have a gun and your right to defend yourself against a government of oppression and absolute control.
Make no mistake about it.  Gun registration is the second step to gun confiscation and gun confiscation is all about placing the population under the absolute control of the White House occupant.  Obama is a sociopath, an Islamic-sympathizer and a control-freak.  He is the mold for the Democrat Party.  Every Democrat is like him.  

If he is able to take our guns by the time he ends his reign (if he ends his reign), he will have accomplished everything he wanted to do in Office, if not in full, at least in part.
1.  Destroy our military power.
2.  Destroy our economy.
3.  Destroy our internal peace (as a society); promote lawlessness.
4.  Destroy us as a Constitutional-Republic.
5.  Flood our nation with Muslims and other illegal's.
6.  Bring as much private enterprise under government control as possible.
7.  Disarm us so the government can control us with more ease.  
If there was a vote right now by the Supreme Court to make gun ownership illegal, the vote would be four to five against making gun ownership illegal, thus honoring the 2nd Amendment.
When the President appoints the next Supreme Court judge, the vote will be three to six against or five to four, in favor of gun confiscation.  A Democrat President will appoint a liberal judge.  A Republican President will (hopefully) appoint a conservative judge.  If a liberal is appointed, the Congress does not have the strength or wisdom to override that appointment. 
When the guns are gone, who will they come for?  In our Country the enemy will be non-Muslims, starting with the Christians.
Decide now. Will you register your gun or will you fight to your death for your right not to register your gun? 
If you fight for your right to have a gun without registering yourself with the government as a gun owner, you will probably be killed for your stand. 
Decide now if you are willing to die for your right to keep your guns.  If enough of us are willing to die for that right, that threat will keep the government from mandatory gun registration. Democrats are cowards when facing significant opposition.
Gun registration and gun confiscation are synonymous terms as much as jumping into the ocean and getting wet are synonymous. The only difference is the time between the first action and the second.
What is your decision?  Death or government registration as a gun owner?  Be a hero not a zero!  Think your decision through now so you do not make the wrong decision later when under pressure.
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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