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Monday, October 12, 2015

SHOCKING BIRTHER FACTS - plain and simple


(PNN - The term "birther" is not a pejorative, in our estimation. It is a statement that we actually CARE about the U.S. Constitution and we CARE where the man who is Commander in Chief was born and to whom his allegiances really are connected.)

The U.S. Constitution makes a definitive distinction in the eligibility requirements for POTUS - over every other federal office holder. The POTUS must be a "natural born" citizen.
While it is true that there have been several SCOTUS "opinions" on what "natural born" might mean (over the last 200 years) - there has never been a legal ruling stating that the POTUS does not have to come from both parents being "American Citizens at the time of birth." Most of the controversy over NBC status has had to do with "born on American soil" and the definition of that understanding (this has been because of legal holdings, military bases, territories, etc.)
The LATEST LEGAL opinion about the definition of NBC status for a presidential candidate was in 2008 with Senate Resolution 511 wherein the U.S. Senate (in holding hearings on the NBC status of John McCain - upon which Hillary Clinton and Obama sat as U.S. Senators!) held that John McCain was indeed a NBC because:
1. He was born on American Soil (Panama Canal Zone milit. base)
2. BOTH his parents were LEGAL CITIZENS at the time of his birth
Since SR-511, the U.S.A. has held two presidential elections based upon that ruling. That ruling LEGALLY ALLOWED John McCain to run for POTUS. That SR-511 has NEVER been challenged by Congress or the SCOTUS. Therefore it is the LATEST LEGAL ruling upon which the USA is conducting its elections and determining the definition of NBC for POTUS.
Therefore, by SR 511, Obama was an ILLEGAL candidate and he is still an ILLEGAL POTUS - based upon the very latest legal ruling of the US Senate (to which Obama's own signature is attached).
1. Rubio was born in U.S. - BUT both his parents were citizens of CUBA at the time
2. Jindal was born in U.S. - BUT both his parents were citizens of INDIA at the time.
3. Cruz was born in Canada - his mother was a U.S. citizen, but his father was a Cuban citizen. Therefore - Cruz can be considered a U.S. citizen (and Canadian Citizen) because of his mother - but he is NOT a NBC. Not even close.
4. Obama - IF he was born on American soil (yet no hospital in the U.S. claims his birth!), his own LF BC posted on the official White House website clearly states his father was a citizen of Kenya at the time of his birth.
FACT: Rubio, Jindal, Cruz, Obama - are NOT natural born citizens and are therefore INELIGIBLE to hold the office of POTUS.

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  1. Exactly correct and if the republican leadership wonder why the base is "hostile" to them this is a reason why. Another reason is saying that impeachment is off the table when in fact it is mandatory to maintain the constitution and the rules of law. . https://youtu.be/t97unv0Rcys