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Friday, October 2, 2015

WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA? Has Russia Declared War on America?

Technically, Russia has declared war on America by attacking our allied forces in Syria. See: 


Thankfully, Obama and the current Congress (as a whole) are either too stupid to know that, too cowardly to do anything about it other than talk or Congress is smart enough to do nothing about it because Congress knows they, doing Obama's dirty work, have armed America's enemies and Putin is killing our enemies.   What a mess Obama is making.  What a tragedy the Congress is letting him do it.  The whole scenario is insane.  This can only be demon directed.  Nothing else makes sense. 

The world news can leave one's head spinning for two reasons. First, it is surreal.  Obama, the Democrats in Congress along with a few Republicans and the voting Democrats in America are working hand-in-hand to destroy America. If you are not a Muslim, to try to destroy your own country is downright insane especially when your country is the greatest country on the face of the Earth.  Second, Obama is, obviously, pro-Muslim, therefore everything he does has to be filtered through the prism of Islam.  Those who do not understand Islam are easily confused by Obama's actions at home and abroad. 
To make sense of world events, the first thing one has to do is understand Muslim politics and religion (Islam) from the Muslim (Koran) point of view.

   1.  Islam is the only viable religion.
   2.  All who are not Islamic deserve punishment, torture and death.   
   3.  All Islamics are to be devoted to the world political conquest by Islam no matter how many generations it takes.
   4.  Lying to further Islam is a godly thing to do.
   5.  Any act that furthers Islam is a holy act.
Whenever Obama is involved, you can be sure those five realities are at play no matter what the subject or where the action is taking place.

On national (American) matters the best way to reach all of these goals is to foster the following:

   1. Socialism to replace Capitalism.
   2. The collapse of the dollar. (The destruction of the American financial system.)  
   3.  Import as many Muslims into America (and every non-Muslim country) as possible by every means possible and as fast as possible.
   4.  The removal of the Constitution.  (The destruction of the American political system.)
   5.  Defend Islam.
   6.  Do all things possible, legal or illegal, to ensure a Democrat President or a Republican President who can be controlled by the Democrat agenda.
   7.  Remove the God of the Bible from the social structure of the Country.

On the world scene there is only one goal and that is to get Muslims (Islamics) in control of all governments.  This goal is shared by Obama. 
What is  happening in Syria right now?

Obama has armed terrorists (with American tax-payer money) in an attempt to overthrow the current leader of Syria (Assad) and replace him with so-called "moderate" Muslims. However, Obama has convinced Congress that his (Obama's) goal is to overthrow ISIS. Not so.  Obama's goal is to pretend he is anti-ISIS, arm "moderate" Muslims (ISIS sympathizers but not ISIS members) and overthrow Assad with the moderate Muslims or ISIS; Obama does not care which group overthrows Assad as long as Muslims are in control of Syria.  If the moderates and ISIS wants to fight it out for control of Syria, Obama, while favoring ISIS would still be happy if the moderates were in control, because both ISIS and the moderates want America as a Muslim country.  ISIS is more cruel compared to the moderates.  That is what makes the moderates, moderate!  

Putin is positive towards Assad because there is oil in Syria that Russia wants. So, Putin is helping Assad kill the moderate-Muslims and ISIS.  

Obama is mad because Putin is attacking American-funded moderates.  If Putin wins, neither ISIS or the moderates will be in control of Syria and since Assad is not interested in destroying America and turning it into a Muslim country, Obama loses because America will not be attacked by Syria in a Muslim-based war or ongoing terror attacks. 

What is happening now in Syria is the ongoing results of Obama's effort to bring more of Islam to America and America, eventually, under Muslim dictatorship.  Actually, once Islam is understood and it is understood that Obama is pro-Muslim (pro-Islam) what is going on in America and around the world is relatively easy to comprehend. In order to make sense of the world, the first thing you have to understand is that Obama, the Democrats in Congress and many of the Republicans in Congress are anti-American.  They are downright evil creatures.  I know that is hard to believe.  Believe it.  Mix these evil beings with the evil of Islam and the world situation begins to make sense.  Without these two realities understood, nothing make sense.  What we are experiencing is a taste of Hell.  This is the Obama-change so many voted for and the kind of change Democrat votes will vote for in 2016.  Not too smart!

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